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exif viewer software

Acritum Exif2htm by Acritum Software

Exif2htm is a powerful tool allowing you to generate nice HTML tables and webalbums using EXIF metadata taken from JPEG and TIFF files. The parameters of tables are completely customizable. You can also save simple TXT or CSV files.

exif viewer get exif tags view exif convert exif to htm html csv convert exif to microsoft excel

general-purpose software

A-Flow by A-Flow Development Team

Build full-scale Windows applications without writing code or just learn programming with this general-purpose rapid development tool.

general-purpose rapid software development rad authoring utility 32-bit applications write application code draw point-and-click open components

braun software

Disk CleanUp 2000 by Gregory Braun

Disk CleanUp is a small disk utility designed to clear previously deleted files. Deleting a file will normally just remove the file's directory entry, but the data itself still remains on the disk. CleanUp will eliminate the contents of these files.

braun cleanup security utility diskwipe wipe utility utility disk cleanup small disk utility designed clear previously deleted files

sh software

VShell by VanDyke Software Inc.

VShell SSH2 server is a secure alternative to Telnet and FTP on Windows and UNIX providing strong encryption, robust authentication and data integrity. Fine-tune your environment with precision control and a selection of authentication methods.

sh ssh2 secure shell security server windows nt windows 2000 unix remote access file transfer tunnel port forward acl users groups ssh2 server providing fine tune control over access file transfer privileges

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