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html to rss software

RSS Wizard by ExtraLabs Software

RSS Wizard is an HTML to RSS converter than can generate the RSS feed out of virtually any web page without having to edit it first. RSS Wizard generates RSS 2.0 feeds and allows you to create, edit and publish an unlimited number of RSS feeds.

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pad software


This small command-line tool allows you to easily create or update XML files from a Command Prompt or a batch file or a script, etc. The program was especially designed to update PAD files but it can update XML files for any other purpose.

pad xml description language customization batch script shareware

text software

evolvEd by David Gabrielsen

General purpose text editor useful for web developing, programming and scripting. Easy to use, with all the features a power user requires.

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fax software


Turn your PC into a powerful multi-tasking communications manager. COMMUNICATE! DELUXE provides multi-line support for voice and fax messaging as well as providing video motion detection and notification, video/audio e-mail and contact management

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