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snmp software

AdventNet SNMP Agent Toolkit by AdventNet

It is a rapid prototyping and development tool used for building Java-based Standalone SNMP and TL1 agents. It also supports building agents with multi-protocol access to common management information through SNMP, RMI, HTTP, CORBA, and TL1.

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ITIC SpamFilter by ITIC Software

ITIC SpamFilter is the antispam program. It kills all spam that you receive on your pop3 mail account. ITIC SpamFilter is easy in work and very effective.

software email antispam web filter shareware

thesaurus software

TrueTerm Thesaurus HPC by TT- Software

Editable, monolingual dictionary of synonyms : Demoversion German, English (GB/US), Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese (incl. Brazilian), Dutch and Swedish. Demoversion includes an extract from 300 keywords (all Languages).

thesaurus english german french italian portuguese spanish swedish dutch

delphi mapi software

Extended MAPI in Delphi by IMIBO

"Extended MAPI in Delphi" is a package providing access to Outlook-compatible objects through a COM-based API.

delphi mapi mapi delphi delphi outlook outlook delphi delphi extended mapi extended mapi delphi exchange

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