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art software

Great Artist Correggio by NexusMedia

Put a little culture on your screen. Rotate 21 works of art from the great artist Correggio. Artistic faded backgrounds work to bring out the colorful originals with captions about the art and an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes.

art corregio impressionist impressionism artist nexusmedia nexus rotate 21 some greatest works

superfax software

SuperFax for Word by AMF

Finally, an add-on for Word automates faxing using any fax program on the market. SuperFax automates faxing and printing hard copies all within Word for Windows.

superfax word fax freeman asp windows wordware winfax pro winword symantec winfax superfax simple fast easy faxing word

ebook software

Online Privacy Secrets Reveled! by My Privacy Tools, Inc.

This eBook provides a wealth of information on how to reduce your online presence, prevent websites from tracking you, minimize the amount of information you give out on the Internet, how to protect your computer from hackers, and more!

ebook privacy online hackers spam spyware data safe protect anonymous ip address bank account scam identity logging

addxp software

AddXP by 3SWare Lab

While using Windows XP you can like new XP looking software but not all programs support it. With AddXP, you can enable the new look to old-time created software and enjoy nice view of all your programs.

addxp windows xp themes theme visual addxp make available windows xp visual styles old programs

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