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modem software

ModemTest by PassMark Software

ModemTest performs low level testing of dial up modems and telephone lines. Testing can be done with two modems or a single modem, independent of your ISP. ModemTest logs any data corruption and incorporates a modem speed test.

modem loop back loopback connection speed bandwidth internet test dialup bandwidth benchmark software performance testing itu-t v-56

dll software

DLLAide by BAPSoft Ltd

Allows you to check that old Dynamic Link Librabries, or DLLs, have not replaced newer DLLs when you run it after installing software under Windows 95/98. It also allows you to change a currently installed DLL for another version in its archive.

dll dlls dll files dll manager dll checker dll error dllaide dll hell utility utility software system utility utility dll manager checker windows 95 windows 98

split software

MG-Split by Michele Galante

MG-Split is a file split utility that can be used to split large files into smaller chunks, so they can be easily copied to floppy disks or sent by email.

split merge span floppy internet email mapi file split utility email support

backup software

Palm Desktop Utilities by

Introducing Palm Desktop Utilities version 1.3. The latest Windows program for users of Palm Desktop Software. Designed to backup, copy and restore your valuable Palm Desktop data.

backup copy restore recover import export hotsync palm desktop data information backup copy restore palm desktop data quickly easily

backup software

FitoNT by B & H Company

Program watches selected Directory for changes, if change occurs, it transfers copy of changed file to selected destination on same machine, another workstation, server, floppy or Direct CD. Runs completely hidden.

backup transfer copy save burn write data recovery backup software network solution data recovery security real time program will automatically back real time anything need

acronymgenie software

AcronymGenie by Prem De

A comprehensive searchable database of acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms drawn from the world of Computers, Internet, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Electronics, Embedded Systems, Biotechnology etc. Supports reverse lookup.

acronymgenie acronyms abbreviations initialisms database dictionary freeware software free utility utilities comprehensive searchable database computer acronyms abbreviations

http software

ABCUpload .NET by WebSupergoo Software

ABCUpload .NET enhances the basic .NET file upload functionality. Advanced features like Pure HTML Progress Bar ? support, GigUpload ? technology for truly massive uploads and MacBinary decoding. All in 100% Managed Code. Free license available.

http free upload asp net asp-net component macbinary unicode library advanced asp net upload component


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