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!Remove Access Passwords! by E-Tech Inc

"Remove Access Passwords" removes Database File Passwords in an MDB file. This is what everybody is talking about, and can be used by System Administrators, hackers or ordinary users.

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music software

AAAwave by Virtual Worlds

AAA Wave is specifically designed to correct the hiss, crackle and pops in waveforms that have been recorded from old media such as vinyl records and tapes.

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mail software

Mail Password by LastBit Software

Mail Password is a universal password recovery tool for POP3 email accounts. It recovers all POP3 email logins stored on your computer by your email software. Mail Password supports ALL email programs, including Outlook, Eudora, The Bat! and more.

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word software

Word Recovery by

Word Recovery is a guaranteed password recovery tool for Word. Guaranteed Recovery recovers a document within a reasonable time frame regardless of the password.

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outlook software

Outlook Password Recovery by Intelore

Outlook Password Recovery is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to the Microsoft Outlook XP/2000/98/97 password-protected Personal Storage files (*.pst). All passwords are recovered instantly regardless of length.

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total software

Total Commander Password Recovery by Reactive Software

Total Commander Password Recovery is a utility that extracts FTP account password information for all versions of Total Commander with the FTP plug-in.

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pasword software

Password Reminder by NewPowerSoft

Password Reminder is a powerful password recovery tool which can reveal almost any password in Windows--password hidden under a row of asterisks(*) , IE Password,bios password, Administrator Password,Cache Password,dial-up password, access password

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myob software

MYOB Password Recovery by Password Service

MYOB Password Recovery is a program to recover (or remove) lost or forgotten passwords to the MYOB files (*.MYO, *.DAT, *.PLS, *.PRM). All passwords are recovered instantly regardless of length. All versions of MYOB are supported.

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passwords software

Arovax TraySafe by Arovax LLC

TraySafe password manager allows you to forget passwords! It will save and protect them for you: encryption and hashing algorithms, autoinsert and autofill, hardware ID, USB drive support. You can forget passwords and you will not lose them!

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puzzle game software

Kristanix Puzzle Collection by Kristanix Studios

Want to try something new for a change? Kristanix Puzzle Collection offers three unique puzzle games for you to enjoy. The action puzzler "The Weight Balls", a more relaxed experience in "Master Writer" and the strange "The Shepherd".

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