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hash software

Hash by Pinpoint Labs

Pinpoint Hash was created to allow users to quickly obtain the hash values for CRC-32, MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 hash values for any file and quickly copy the results to the clipboard for easy transport to any other application.

hash hash utility hash software hasher free hash sha1 sha-1 sha256 sha-256 md5 file hash hashing files hash tool

shell software

HashTab by

A windows shell extension which installs a new tab with file hash information. Includes MD5, SHA1 and CRC032. Also allows for easy hash comparison. Great for verifying downloads without requiring any external tools.

shell hash crypto cryptography windows file md5 sha1 crc crc-32 extension

hash software

FSUM by SlavaSoft Inc.

Fast file checksum generation & verification tool. Supports MD2,MD4,MD5, SHA-1,SHA-2, RIPEMD-160,PANAMA,TIGER, CRC-32,ADLER32 algorithms and the hash used in eMule/eDonkey(ed2k). Compatible with md5sum,Easy MD5 Creator,SFV Checker/Verifier,Win CRC32.

hash message digest checksum crc file data sum 128 bit check checking checker verify veriifying verifier compare comparing comparation test testing tester generator download downloads

sfv software

SFV Checker by Traction Software

SFV Checker uses CRC-32 technology to check each file and notifies you of any potentially bad, corrupt, incorrect size or missing files to save you hours of downloading only to find you have 1 file missing or the last file has a CRC checksum error.

sfv checker crc crc32 crc-32 sfv checker uses crc-32 technology check each file

zip component software

zlib by ComponentSpot

A free general-purpose compression library. CRC-32 or ADLER 32 checksums. In-memory operations use zlib data format. Its compression algorithm is deflate. Files on a file system compressed with gzip format. Lacks PKZip 4.5, BZip2, and Deflate64.

zip component zip control zip library zip ocx zip dll zip activex deflate64 control deflate64 activex deflate64 dll data compression

patch software

Visual Patch by Indigo Rose Software

Provides software developers with a comprehensive solution for creating secure full-history software update patches. Visually indicates the differences among product releases and automatically builds only those changes into a single-file patch.

patch patching update updating update maker rtpatch binary patch make updates history patch history patching make patches software patching software patches differencing delta patch delta patching diff binary difference

encrypt software

Encrypt Easy by Baltsoft

A highly secure file encryption program which uses the 67 encryption methods. Each file is encrypted with two encryption methods, Cipher+Hash, and with its own password. It can only be decrypted using the same password.

encrypt easy decrypt encrypt easy cipher hash file folder sfx zip compression blowfish gost rijndael password secure security

checksum software

FastCRC Library by SlavaSoft Inc.

Fast, highly optimized implementation of popular checksum algorithms: CRC32, CRC16, CRC16C (CRC-CCITT). The library allows to calculate checksums for files, memory blocks, strings, streaming data.

checksum crc algorithm file string data block memory key password crc-32 crc-16 crc-16c dll lib tlb component c c vb visual basic check checking sum

hash software

QuickHash Library by SlavaSoft Inc.

Fast, highly optimized implementation of hash, checksum, HMAC algorithms: MD2,MD4,MD5,SHA-1,SHA-2(256,384,512),RIPEMD(128,160,256,320),PANAMA,TIGER,CRC-32,CRC-16,CRC-CCITT,ADLER32. Allows calculations for files, memory blocks, strings,streaming data.

hash message digest checksum crc hmac algorithm file string data block memory key password md 2 4 5 sha1 sha2 crc32 crc16 dll lib tlb

crc software

CRC32 COM Component by Traction Software

The com component will quickly generate a CRC32 checksum in hex or numeric.

crc com component crc32 crc-32 checksum com component will quickly generate crc32 checksum hex numeric


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