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sound effects software

Sound Effect Maker by DigitByte Studio

Sound Effect Maker can create sound effects for sound file. It supports the sound effects such as chorus, compression, distortion, echo, flange, gargle, parametric equalizer, reverberation.

flange center freq bandwidth gain edge gargle reverb time

box software

Box Shot Maker by

Box Shot Maker is a 3D packaging design tool. You can easily add your own text and graphic to create the perfect 3D box for you product. With Box Shot Maker you can create: 2-side, 3-side Box Shot, Book, Cover, 3D screen-shot.

3d output reflection tiny thumbnails camera position 3d environment box image

guitar software

Guitar & Drum Trainer by Renegade Minds

Learn to play your favorite music on any instrument. Slow down music, create loops, pitch shift, filter frequencies with 16 band EQ and low pass filter, use volume FX to play over-top of songs, save song configurations, count in to songs. Guitar

ogg vorbis drum loop mp3 guitar play guitar 16 band equalizer

aida software

AIDA32 - Network System Information by Tamas Miklos

Professional system information and network audit tool for free of charge. With AIDA32 you can create profile of all your computers, and easily use them to generate audit statistics of your network. Results can be printed, e-mailed or saved to file.

information network all-in-one system platforms aida tool

virtual serial port software

Virtual Serial Port Driver 9x by SoftInfinity

Virtual Serial Ports Driver (VSPD) is a Windows device driver. Using it you can create two virtual serial COM ports in your system which will be virtually connected to each other.

windows device driver windows applications virtual serial port serial ports vice versa

financial planner software

J and L Retirement Planner by J and L Software

The top rated J and L Retirement Planner is tool that allows you to create simple or complex financial scenarios based on financial events through out your life.

retirement financial planner create financial rmd retirement shareware

backup software

Hide Folder Backup by Pilot Group LLC

Try this fully automatic backup software which only requires you to create a backup job and specify when to execute it. The program can be configured to run jobs on startup or at given time. It allows data compression and makes sure you feel safe!

remote backup backup backup backup outlook pc

multimedia software

Idex by DVA Ltd

Idex is a complete multimedia database and webpublishing solution. Manage all your digital files in a searchable database. Then share your files by publishing them to the internet. No HTML programming required to create dynamic websites.

hierarchical thumbnail images product catalogs dynamic webpages video files html coding

dbi software

DBi-DScript by Sendero Software

Create hundreds of meaningful data records instantly. DBi-DScript allows developers to create usable data records. Stop creating valid data records by hand, or dealing with useless data to test your app.

database generate generator data dbi-desktop sendero dbi

visendo software

Visendo Analyzer Web by ppedv AG

Visendo Analyzer is designed to analyze almost any webserver logfile, independently of the source data format. You can analyze webserver logfiles of IIS or Apache and create useful graphical reports.

iis log web-analysis visendo stastistic net analyzer apache analysis iis analysis


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