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system software

AzureTray by Azure Desktop

Quick tray launcher with web links and desktop objects support.

system tray launch quick start application menu taskbar launcher internet links desktop objects support

web authoring software

Page Edit by Lcs 2000

Create Web pages without Html using Plain English scripting commands.

web authoring software html editor create a web page web page design software web page software website design software web page builder web site builder web site software create a web site web publishing web page creator create internet pages without html using plain english scripting commands

create web page software

1site (LITE) by Visual Vision

Create a Web Site with ease, quickly - WYSIWYG, no Html

create web page create web site web authoring web page editor web editor create sites wysiwyg editor web publishing software create internet pages web authoring software visual html editor create a web page html software internet site ease quickly wysiwyg

web page editor software

Web Weaver EZ by McWeb Software, Inc.

Create cool Web pages quickly and easily without knowing HTML!

web page editor frames tables cool internet easily without knowing

streaming software

MP3 Sound Stream by MP3 Sound Stream

MP3 Sound Stream makes high quality 56K streaming audio from MP3 or WAV files.

streaming sound mp3 audio stream media music makes high quality 56k streaming wav files

create software

Outlook Profiler by GOFF Concepts

Create Outlook Exchange profiles automatically for Outlook 97 through 2003

create exchange profiles automatically outlook outlook 97 through 2003

wysiwyg software

WYSIWYG Web Builder by Pablo Software Solutions

A What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Web page generator

wysiwyg web page what-you-see-is-what-you-get internet page generator


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