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slideshow software

Bravo! by Thought Studios, Inc.

Create slideshows and screensavers from digital photos with dynamic collage effects, background images, and audio. Apply show styles at the push of a button. Export BAM files for viewing in free Bravo! Player. MP3, WMA, WAV, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIF

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slideshow software

ShowMe by Forward

ShowMe is a slideshow software that helps you to create slideshow from your favorite photo files and music files. You can customize transition, text and shape effect for your slideshow. You can export your slide show to EXE, Screen Saver,VCD,ASF.

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multimedia software

Boomer by Crazy Ivan Productions

Now with Flash MX Compression support, they use the technology broadcasting GnomeRadio and now folks you can too. Stream your audio and video, create slideshows. Convert your mp3's + wave files to streaming format that half a billion user have. NOW

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slide software

Slide Librarian Pro by SpanSoft

Excellent database program for cataloguing your slide collection. Include slide thumbnails and full-sized images in the database - see all your slides on your PC. Prepare slideshows, talks and lectures using the light table. Lending library version.

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photos software

Digital Photos Screensaver Maker by DPSM team

This program enables you to create a slideshow consisting of picture and audio files.The program includes 182 transitional effects to create a interesting show. The slideshow can be created as an executable (.EXE) file or screensaver (.SCR) file.

photos screensaver slideshow software presentation maker builder rapidly create screensavers scr slideshows exe standalone files

dvd software

X-VCD Player by Xequte Software

DVD PixPlay allows you to create VCD slide shows from images, videos and music and write them directly to a CD. VCD's can then be played on your television using a DVD Player. VCD's make it easy to share your images with your friends and family!

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screensaver software

PhotoSlide by Asterius Media Works GmbH

Imagine how easy it could be to create a slideshow by just dragging and dropping images and clicking on a single button! This became true with PhotoSlide. With Photoslide you can create EXE, Screensaver, Video, VCD, SVCD, XSVCD and HTML Album.

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