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presentation software

TalkingSlide by Reallusion Inc.

TalkingSlide? creates dynamic rich-media talking animated presentations and photo slideshows by seamlessly adding a CrazyTalk interactive talking guide or audio-narration. Viewers are then guided slide-by-slide by the accompanying speech.

presentation photo slideshow crazytalk animation html powerpoint templates elearning content tool create dynamic rich-media talking animated presentations photo slideshows

neobook software

NeoBook for Windows by NeoSoft Corp.

Powerful 32-bit multimedia authoring tool for creating interactive presentations, catalogs, newsletters, books, training materials, etc. Built-in compiler creates 32 bit Windows EXE files which may be distributed royalty-free. From NeoSoft Corp.

neobook neosoft multimedia cbt author video graphics ebook ezine electronic book presentation cbt slide show multimedia authoring system creates distributable exe files

digital photo software

MemoriesOnTV by

MemoriesOnTV creates the most visually elegant slideshow on TV from your photos and video clips. All common image and video formats are supported, and it outputs to (S)VCD or DVD, which are playable on your DVD player.

digital photo slideshow slide show picture vcd dvd mpeg video tv cd photo archive memoriesontv creates visually elegant show tv photos videos

virtual serial port software

Virtual Serial Port Kit by FabulaTech Inc

Virtual Serial Port Kit creates pairs of virtual serial ports in your system which are virtually connected to each other. Physical null modem cables are not required. You can connect any number of virtual port pairs. It's very useful for debugging.

virtual serial port virtual serial port driver debugging data-logging virtual com port serial port com port program creates pairs virtual serial ports connected virtually each other

basic software

IBasic by Pyxia Development

IBasic for Applications is an all in one, easy to to use programming language that has the power to create any type of application or utility that you can imagine! Creates stand-alone Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP programs.

basic compiler runtime script language ide programming write programs compile direct3d directx qbasic compile stand alone 95 98 me 2000 xp programs ibasic

slide show software

ImageMatics StillMotion Personal Edition by NetX Corporation

Creates animated multimedia slide showsfrom still images and create self playing moves, web pages, autoplay CD ROM, SWF (Flash) file and screen savers. Provies transitions advanced sound features, titles, annotaio. Drag and drop sorter

slide show image sharring pan virtual tour digital photography multimedia swf avi animation digital slide show slideshow sound labled slides titled slides screen saver autorun cd self playing slideshow self playing movie

personnel software

Automatically Schedule Your Employees to Multiple Daily Shifts with Excel by Shift Schedules

Spreadsheet automatically assigns 25 people to 10 shifts in response to your scheduling needs and their preferences/qualifications. Automatically assigns days off, creates schedules for 1 month and comes in sizes for up to 20 shifts and 500 people.

personnel scheduling automatic shift schedules work schedules automatic monthly shift schedules 10 shifts 50 employees excel

student class schedules software

Create Student Class Schedules with Excel by Shift Schedules

The program was developed to schedule Adult Day Care activities and has applications in scheduling students to other types of classes. It tracks class sizes as you make student assignments and it creates various class rosters and schedules.

student class schedules adult day care schedules schedule 250 students 10 instructors classes excel

personnel software

Schedule Crew Assignments for Your Employees by Shift Schedules

The CM-10-25 Crew Maker Spreadsheet creates crews from a pool of employees with up to 5 different skills assigned to jobs with specified start and stop dates. The spreadsheet can schedule up to 25 employees to up to 10 jobs.

personnel scheduling shift schedules work schedules crew assignments create work crews 25 employees excel

graphic software

Makaha by Brandyware Software

Professional graphic-video viewer, can view the most popular graphic formats, create thumbnails, has a 100 option slide show with videos and MP3 music, creates GIF animations of any size, Batch convert to over 40 formats.

graphic viewer thumbnail convert slide saver scanning resize mp3 vivo jpeg gif brandyware plug-ins professional graphic viewer video-sound page creation thumbnail sup


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