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digital software

Digital Photo Resizer by Icegiant Software

Digital Photo Resizer quickly and accurately resizes a mass of photos at once. One of the problems with many photographic software packages is that you cannot quickly resize many photos at once. This simple easy to use tool does it all for you in a couple easy steps. Creates Slideshows, Screensavers and Websites.

digital photo resizer jpg image resizing utility mass multiple images digital photo resizer resizes directories digital images few easy steps

2ndfolder software

12Ghosts 2ndFolder by 12Ghosts Inc.

Creates copies of complete folder structures. A new destination name is created automatically by adding the date and time. This way you may backup a complete folder easily with just one click, and keep several versions of the same folder.

2ndfolder second folder second copy copy tree subfolder create copy complete folder keep several versions same folder

personnel software

Schedule Split Shifts for Your Employees with Excel by Shift Schedules

The Split-25 Excel spreadsheet creates schedules where each employee can be assigned to 1 or 2 categories (manager, cook, waiter, etc.), 1 or 2 locations (Store A, Store B, etc.) and 1 or 2 times each day for up to 4 weeks.

personnel scheduling shift schedules work schedules split shifts assign daily split shifts 25 employees excel

personnel software

Schedule Complex Shifts for Your Employees by Shift Schedules

The Complex-25 Excel spreadsheet creates schedules where each employee is assigned to a category, a location and a time each day for up to 4 weeks. The spreadsheet also keeps track of your payroll budget based on employee wages and scheduled hours.

personnel scheduling shift schedules work schedules complex schedules complex shift schedules 25 people excel

paintcost software

PaintCOST Estimator for Excel by CPR International, Inc.

Painting and Wallcovering Estimator for Excel. Designed for painting contractors, decorators, builders, remodelers, and do-it-yourself individuals. Contains cost data and intelligent takeoff area calculator. Automatically creates price quotation.

paintcost construction painting paint cost estimating project wallcovering excel spreadsheet contractor builder wallpaper painting wallcovering cost estimating system excel

audio software

NWin by NaTCH Engineering

NWin is a loudspeaker production test system using a standard soundboard. The user creates the tests they need and then combines them to create a test sequence. NWin decides pass or failure on frequency response, polarity and other functions.

audio signal generator tone microphones mikes loudspeakers speakers transducers test testing hifi hi-fi acoustics sound sine blaster toneburst sweep soundblaster production testing production natch

drive image software

R-Drive Image by R-tools technology Inc.

Drive image and backup software that creates exact image of a hard drive, partition or logical disk. Drive image files can be created on the fly without stopping Windows and then can be stored in a variety of places, including removable media.

drive image disk image backup back up backup software drive image software disk image software image drive disk copy drive copy backup data data backup drive image disk backup tool creates disk image files fly

bill of lading software

ADi SmartBOL Express by Adi Data International Inc

SmartBOL Express version creates and saves VICS bill of lading on plain paper. Classic and Pro version provide extendend functionality. Check for detailed feature information and latest prices.

bill of lading vics bol vics bill lading

invoices software

CG Invoicer by CG Software

CG Invoicer creates professional invoices quickly and easily. Track clients, products, invoices and generate sales reports. You can check email from within CG Invoicer and parse out registration emails automatically

invoices cg invoicer cg software shareware small business invoice generator client tracker freelance consultant cg invoicer creates professional invoices quickly easily

purchasing software

Stock List by WaverlyStreet

Free companion utility to create item lists for WaverlyStreet Purchase Order Program. Vendors- make it easier for your customers to purchase things from you- do the data entry for them! Creates files that can be emailed to customers and web pages

purchasing industrial purchasing requisitions acquisitions equipment equipment purchasing purchase order order forms utility create item lists waverlystreet purchase order program


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