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lisp software

Ufasoft Common Lisp by Ufasoft

Common Lisp development system. Includes console and IDE Lisp interpreter and compiler. Possibility of creating EXE-files. Supports CLOS. It is smallest implementations of standard Lisp, just 1MB of binary code.

lisp commonlisp clos functional cl ansi common lisp ufasoft lisp ufasoft clisp ufasoft common lisp common lisp development system ide possibility creating exe-files

flash software

Flash Menu Builder by Flash Tags

Creating professional menus for your website was never this easy. Thanks to Flash Menu Builder! Flash Menu Builder is a powerful tool that gives you the creative edge.

flash menu builder javascript html dhtml authoring drop-down menu web menu menus navigation bar menu dropdown web site navigation bars creating professional menus website never easy

thumbnail builder software

TGPSoft Thumbnail Gallery Builder by Zapper Software (510862 B.C. Ltd.)

This program is for webmasters who want to increase their productivity when creating TGP galleries and submitting to TGP sites. Creates thumbnail galleries and the correct HTML code.

thumbnail builder tgp software gallery builder thumbnail gallery thumbnail gallery builder webmasters who submit tgp sites

pro grapher software

Pro Grapher by Stas Semenov

Pro Grapher is a vector graphics platform oriented for creating business and technology solutions. Based on COM technology it can be used by other applications to process graphic documents, analyze and visualize any kind of processes.

pro grapher design layout logo sign drawing illustration presentation report chart diagram vector graphics platform document analyze visualize editor

java software

License4J by Smardec

License4J is a pure Java library for creating and validating licenses. The key concept is features of a license. You can easily add any feature to your license file, i.e. name of the product, version, expiry date, number of executable instances, etc.

java license4j license licensing validation smardec license4j pure java library creating validating licenses

test software

Advanced eLearning Builder by

The Advanced eLearning Builder authoring tool is designed for creating e-learning materials such as e-tests, tutorials, quizzes, etc. The system enables the creation of e-tests in visual mode.

test etest e-test elearning e-learning authoring tool quiz visual builder creator education school create e-tests visual mode compile them exe form

autorun software

AutoRunner by LeadSign LLC

Creating an Autorun shell usually requires learning to write executable code or scripting language. AutoRunner operates as a WYSIWYG Autorun shell editor allowing you design Autorun visually with maximum comfort. Download FREE trial now!

autorun autorunner autoplay cd autorun menu autostart presentation business design state-of-the-art autorun shells without having write line code

web tree software

AI Tree by AIxtend

AI tree is a dynamic component for creating powerful web trees / web menus for your pages with the use of an intuitive WYSIWYG interface. The produced menus / web trees are created in flash and are therefore very fast and work on all browsers

web tree web menu slide down menu push down menu menu tree explorer menu flash menu easy way create professional menus asp net pages

safebit software

SafeBit by NeoByte Solutions

SafeBit features military strength on-the-fly AES encryption, by creating virtual disk drives, where you can hide files and folders, keep them encrypted all them time, but still work with these files just like you work with normal files.

safebit hide folder encryption software disk file data 256 aes rijndael password protect folder protect folder password computer strong file protect pc virtual disk security electronic safe esafe privacy software data security pc encrypted

spam software

SpamSeparator by Lithops Software

SpamSeparator is a tool for creating spam filters to sort your emails on the server. You do not need to download each spam message or virus. The entire job is done on the server. You receive a report on all delivered and undelivered (spam) messages.

spam antispam spamfilter spam filter server side sorts spam server delivers good mails separates spam shows logs


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