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! KaaBlitz Crossword by ! KaaBlitz Crossword

Create crosswords easily with this java crossword game maker! easily add crossword games with special effects to your website! This product can increase the 'stickyness' of your website, i.e., customers will want to come back to your site many times!

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Cross+A by Sergey Kutasov

The purpose of Cross+A is to simplify the solution of crosswords, word-based puzzles and nonograms. Cross+A provides very flexible and powerful search tools. Program uses a dictionary of 154000 English words (part of them - with descriptions).

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crossword software

PuzzLex by N Bentley

Crossword and Anagram Solver. PuzzLex will help you to solve a wide range of word-based puzzles, such as crosswords, incomplete words, anagrams, multiple-word anagrams, and Countdown. Includes over 200,000 word database and over 100,000 definitions

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CrossWorld by

CrossWorld - amazing collection of crossword and puzzle games. Get classic crosswords, Japanese puzzles and other crossword-like games at once. Train your brain with word and number puzzles. Check you erudition and skills. Dive into the CrossWorld!

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crossword software

Crossword Express by AUS-PC-SOFT Shareware

Make your own crosswords and other word puzzles using your own words and clues. Print your puzzles, export to the Clipboard and paste into your Desk Top Publishing application, or publish them on the web using any of the seven free Java Applets.

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crosswords software

Crossdown by Crossdown

Crossdown is a professional crossword puzzle development application. Use it to construct real crosswords just like the kind which appear in newspapers and magazines. With Crossdown's many features, routine tasks and errors are eliminated.

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crossword software

Sympathy Crossword Publisher by Bryson Limited

Sympathy helps you prepare crosswords for publication in print form or on the web. Its highly flexible grid drawing and puzzle layout options allow you to create US style fully checked, diagramless, blocked, Italian style and barred grid puzzles.

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crossword software

Sympathy Crossword Construction by Bryson Limited

Sympathy helps you create professional quality crosswords for publication in print form or on the web. Its comprehensive construction features and flexibility in grid drawing and puzzle layout appeal to both compilers and publishers of crosswords.

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The Jcwd - Japanese Puzzles by

The Jcwd is the logic game for solving single and multicolor Japanese puzzles also known as Paint by Numbers, Griddlers, Nonograms or Japanese Crosswords. There are simple and pretty dificult puzzles in the Japanese Puzzles Collection (440 puzzles).

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crosswords software

Crossdown Game Edition by Crossdown

Real crossword puzzles on your Windows computer. All the challenge and enjoyment of solving crosswords exactly like the ones found in newspapers or magazines. Print them out for traditional pencil-and-paper solving.

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