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 virtual software

CheezeMachine by Big Tick

This vst plugin attempts to emulate the classic string ensemble sound, made popular by such classic synths as the Crumar Performer or the Arp Solina.

virtual synthesizer vst analog filter fm synthesis ambient arp solina performer string ensemble emulation performer arp solina software

ASPNetToolTip by ASPNetMedia

The ASPNetToolTip WebControl allows you to create beautiful dynamic, animated ToolTip content appear when the mouse rolls over any kind of HTML element(s). tooltip balloon help c# vb c++ asp webcontrol tool-tip

word processor software

TextMaker for Windows by SoftMaker Software GmbH

If you want your word processor (a) to provide all the features of a modern high-end word processor, (b) to seamlessly read and write Microsoft Word documents, and (c) to be available on multiple platforms, look no further: TextMaker is here!

word processor word processing editor notepad text editor microsoft word word doc text filter word filter word import word export office office suite microsoft office pocket word rtf pwd psw txt word viewer microsoft word viewer

fullscreen software

VLFullScreen by Viklele Associates

Add full screening ability to your VB application with this drop-in full screening control. Believe us, you won't need to write even a single line of code.

fullscreen ocx activex visual basic component add full screening ability vb application

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