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charlie software

Charlie II by Wiering Software

Smooth scrolling platform game about a cute little duck. Collect coins and diamonds, jump on enemies and dive into the water to find hidden areas!

charlie mario platform game duck action side scroller smooth scrolling wiering software mike wiering mario-style action about cute duck collect coins diamonds

crib software

CribSol - Cribbage Solitaire by by

Play by building four cribbage hands one row at a time until four hands of four cards have been built. Then the crib hand and the "cut" card are shown and the score is tallied. You win the CribSol by breaking 180 points over 5 rounds.

crib cribbage solitaire card game cribbage solitaire 4 hands crib regular cribbage scoring

privacy software

GetAnonymous V2.0 Professional Edition by Private Navigator Inc.

GetAnonymous Professional is cutting edge technology offering a comprehensive online privacy service. With GetAnonymous you can finally have it all in ONE PRODUCT. These include Privacy, Protection, Filtering, and Control using the latest technology

privacy protection proxy firewall anonymous web surfing anonymous email internet privacy online privacy identity protection anonymous surfing web surfing window washer anonymous browsing surf anonymously anonymous email protection online privacy protection filtering proxy anonymous surfing

javascript software

Instant Popup Maker by by

The Instant Popup Maker from creates a wide variety of styles of Popups and Popunders without any need to understand how to program in JavaScript. Just cut and Paste.

javascript popup popunder pop wizard html instantly create javascript html popups popunders

word games software

HangARoo by NCBuy

Guess the phrases by selecting letters to fill in the slots. If you make too many errors, you know what happens next - the cute Kangaroo will be earning his wings. Fun filled game with hilarious audio, 120+ categories and 8,500+ phrases and terms.

word games word puzzles hangman free games puzzles educational free software ncbuy try save smart mouthed kangaroo good old fashioned lynching

advanced software

Advanced Video Poker by AimGames

Advanced Video Poker is the cutting edge gambling machine simulator that features 3 standard versions of this ever popular video game plus 4 additional modes new to poker gambling, introducing a whole new dimension to video games.

advanced video poker advanced video poker free download jacks better shareware bonus card joker casino advanced video poker cutting edge gambling machine simulator

picture software

ABCPix by Alberto Farinelli

ABCPix is a easy-to-use tool for viewing, browsing and managing images and videos. You can easily grab picture shots from videos and cut areas from images and videos. It can also be used like a simple screensaver. Supports 30 file types.

picture video viewer thumbnails image screensaver graphics jpg bmp gif avi mpeg mpg quicktime realmedia image video viewer folder thumbnails grabs picture shots videos

optimik software

Optimik by Rastislav Korytar (RK Software)

Cutting optimize software - easy and quick ! Optimik will do this automatically, saving your time and money.

optimik optimic korytar rk cutting plan nesting metal acryclic polycarbonate plastic plastics glass optimize material wood woodworking save money cut shareware optimizer grain strip kerf

popups software

Xavier PopUp Killer by Xavier Media

Xavier's Popup Killer will kill all annoying pop-up windows before they appear on the screen. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads, and each time a pop up is closed you will hear a cute sound effect.

popups pop-ups popunders pop-unders blocker killer stopper remover ads advertising kazaa morpheus grokster imesh direct connect gator gain c2 comet systems cydoor marketscore

visual basic software

Shorty by NaTCH Engineering

Shorty analyses Visual Basic forms identifying duplicate shortcuts and lonely little controls that have no shortcut. When these confused or lost souls are found shortcuts are suggested, or changes in other controls that will free a suitable shortcut.

visual basic shortcut analysis shortcuts shortcut short cuts short cut shorty analyses visual basic forms identifying duplicate missing shortcuts


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