Cycling Software

wallpaper software Wallpaper Manager by Wallpaper Manager is simply the highest quality software you can use to manager your wallpaper collection including features like a transparent UI, transitional fades, image cycling, ranking, smart scaling, tile vs. center and more!

wallpaper manager changer share photos webshots desktop images transform windows desktop digital picture frame

gameboy software

Pro Motion by cosmigo

Pro Motion is a 256 color based animation and drawing package. It's ideal for creating animations and images used in games or Flash animations. It has a huge number of functions ranging from simple drawing over color cycling to onion skinning.

gameboy pda mobile flash animation icon dpaint sprite texture bitmap drawing comic deluxe paint autodesk animator gif pixelize playstation amiga game

wipe software

DriveScrubber by iolo technologies, LLC

DriveScrubber allows you to securely wipe away data left on your drives before donating, reselling, recycling, or even cleaning up after virus attacks. It's fast and easy to use, and works with ANY PC, and wipes ANY drive, regardless of its format.

wipe disk drive data erase delete clean scrub sanitize undelete unformat format drivescrubber iolo scrubber securely wipe away data left drives before donating reselling recycling

active desktop wallpaper software

Active Desktop Wallpaper by XemiComputers Ltd.

Transform your desktop to an exciting picture gallery. Three wallpaper change modes available: manual, cycling or around-the-clock list. Create list of wallpapers easily, add pictures and text to any wallpaper with instant outcome, export wallpapers.

active desktop wallpaper active desktop wallpaper shareware tray picture screen gallery display design create make desktop wallpapers new way

antique software

Awesome Antique Autos Screen Saver by Cottonwood Software

A screen saver with antique automobile photos from 2 different auto museums. All photos are super high-quality images. This Lite version with 5 photos is free, a Gold Edition has 30 photos and may be purchased at

antique autos automobiles cars screensaver screen saver photographs museum screen saver antique automobile photos 2 different auto museums

experimental software

Awesome Experimental Aircraft Screen Saver by Cottonwood Software

A screen saver with experimental aircraft photos from NASA and Dryden Flight Research. All photos are super high-quality images. This 5-photo version is free, a Gold Edition has 42 photos and may be purchased at

experimental aircraft nasa dryden screensaver screen saver photographs airplanes screen saver experimental aircraft photos nasa dryden research

rocks software

Awesome Gems and Minerals Screen Saver by Cottonwood Software

A screen saver with beautiful photos of gems and minerals. All photos are 800x600 high-quality images (a 1024x768 version is available). This Lite version (5 photos) is free, a Gold version has 42 photos and may be purchased at

rocks gems minerals museum crystals photos screensaver screen saver screen saver beautiful photos gems minerals museum exhibit


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