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data software

SecretsSaver Corporate Pro by Smart Protection Labs

SecretsSaver a data security system for preventing both accidental data leakage and intentional data theft caused by employees that have access to such data due to their duty of service.

data information theft insider employee protect confidential mandatory access control preventing leakage protect sensitive data insiders preventing employee data leakage theft

password software

Network Password Manager by SOW

Multi-user software for storage, management and protection of data containing passwords in enterprise. Data security is provided by 256 AES encryption. Easy to administrate, comfortable for users!

password manage network management security enterprise 256 aes encryption protection storage login access multi-user administrator user keep tool storage management passwords within enterprise

encryption software

Cipherlok by Softlok International Ltd

Cipherlok is a data security product that provides easy to use yet highly secure encryption of files on your PC or notebook. Secure file deletion and automatic encryption features. Uses Blowfish algorithm and either passwords or our USB Tokens.

encryption blowfish secure delete file shred cipherlok security usb tokens data encrypt decrypt decryption lock down easy blowfish based file encryption using passwords usb tokens

hard software

Acronis Drive Cleanser by Acronis

Acronis DriveCleaner was written specifically to obliterate confidential data from partitions and HDDs. It includes most known national governmental standards for HDD data destruction and algorithms by authoritative experts in computer data security.

hard disk partition wipe erase delete wiper destruct obliterate data security dod 5220-22-m navso p-5239-26 vsitr gost p50739-95 gutmann schneier algorithm private

erase software

Eraser by Sami Tolvanen

Eraser is an advanced security tool, which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.

erase wipe shred overwrite destroy remove file folder directory disk data security secure erase data permanently free

backup software

Palm Desktop Utilities by

Introducing Palm Desktop Utilities version 1.3. The latest Windows program for users of Palm Desktop Software. Designed to backup, copy and restore your valuable Palm Desktop data.

backup copy restore recover import export hotsync palm desktop data information backup copy restore palm desktop data quickly easily

zip direct to cd or dvd software

WatchetZip! by WatchetSoft Limited

Zip direct to CD or DVD, unzip selected files, view or execute without unzipping, make self-unzipping executables, password protection. File selection, complete folder trees, hidden files, manage files and folders. Maximum compression

zip direct to cd or dvd cd writing dvd writing zip unzip self-unzipping view or execute files without unzipping backup archival zip direct cd dvd self-unzipping view individual files passwords

backup software

MirrorFolder by Techsoft Pvt. Ltd.

Backup utility for automatic and real-time (RAID-1 type) mirroring of folders/drives on local hard disk to another local/network/removable drive/disk. It is fully integrated with Windows Explorer and uses very little system resources.

backup backup software raid raid-1 software raid utility tool mirrorfolder mirror folder synchronization directory mirroring replication cd-rw zip disk data security replication windows 95 98 me xp

anti-virus software

F-Secure Internet Security 2003 by F-Secure Corporation

Protect your PC against viruses and break-in attempts when you are connected to the Internet. F-Secure Internet Security 2003 is easy to install and use. Updates automatically over Internet. You can safely read your e-mail and surf the Internet.

anti-virus antivirus f-secure computer virus virus protection detection attack protecting protection malware worms trojans scanning hacker cracker firewall avp melissa ziffer klez codered slapper loveletter kicking

backup software

AceBackup by AceBIT

AceBackup the new valuable tool for securely and easily backing up your data. AceBackup allows to store data on FTP servers, as well as on local storage devices. Perform scheduled backups and manage your data in a clear arranged user interface.

backup backups acebackup system utilities system program data backup data encrypted encoded secure securely acebit for free manage ftp security copy


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