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cms software

News Updater by XMLS Software

Give your users the possibility to update their site. Create a "News" or an "Upcoming events" page, which the user can update using the News Updater program. No server side scripting or database is needed, it works with static sites. Supports Images.

cms content management webmaster webdesigner webdeveloper update news events client simple cms system works static site usefull upcoming events

zipcode software

Zip Code Companion by PC Shareware, Inc.

Zip Code Companion is a handy database that allows you to quickly find or verify zip codes, cities, states and area codes within the USA.

zipcode zip codes zips database address area area codes zip code mailing zip code area code database

database software

CATVids by FNProgramvare

CATVids is a powerful database program designed to help you catalog and manage your video collection. CATVids works perfectly with all types of media, including VHS tapes and DVDs. You can download movie information from the Internet.

database collecting video laserdisc dvd vhs organize catalog collect collection powerful database program help catalog manage video collection

book software

BookCAT by FNProgramvare

BookCAT is a database program designed to catalog and manage a personal, club, school, church, or business library. BookCAT will help you know what you have and where it is. Quickly catalog your books by downloading information from the Internet.

book library magazine author novel short story catalog organize collect collection report search query keep track of databasebook library magazine author novel short story database collecting organize cat catalog

stamp software

StampCAT by FNProgramvare

StampCAT is a powerful database program designed to help you catalog and manage your stamp collection. StampCAT will help you know what you have, where it is, and the total value of your collection.

stamp stamp-collecting philately postmark catalog organize collect collection report search query keep track of database catalog manage stamp collection powerful organizer

asp software

ASPRunner by XLineSoft

ASPRunner creates set of ASP pages to access and modify Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access , DB2, MySQL, FileMaker database or any other ODBC datasource. Using generated ASP pages users can search, edit, delete and add data into database.

asp database active server pages code generator add delete update online asprunner creates set asp pages access modify database

download software

blueshell Active Tables for .NET by HvB Computer Engineering

Use VB 5/6 as well as all the languages of .NET (like C#, VB.NET and J#) to connect to various databases including Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Jet and more using ADO. Develop reliable and easy-to-use database applications in no time at all!

dotnet net ado bat blueshell blueshell active tables active tables grid database databases activex visual basic visual basic vb vb5 vb6

sqldbcompare software

SQLDBCompare by Best SoftTool, Inc.

The powerful database schema comparison and synchronization tool for SQL Server database. It compares either an individual object or the entire database objects within two databases, and also synchronizes the database objects within two databases.

sqldbcompare sql server utility schema compare synchronize database ms sql sql compare sql db compare sql script best softtool powerful database schema comparison synchronization utility sql server

images software

csImageFile by Chestysoft

This ASP component resizes, joins & edits images. Supports JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIF, PCX & WBMP files. Create composite images by merging, add text, change JPG compression. Save images to file, or stream to database or browser.

images graphics asp component dll activex jpg jpeg bmp gif png pcx wbmp thumbnail resize scale edit join paste iptc meta exif tif psd antialias

grocery software

Shop'NCook Shopping List & Recipe Manager by Rufenacht Innovative

Compose grocery lists in seconds with Shop'NCook shopping and recipe manager by clicking on items or adding from recipes. Shop'NCook includes a comprehensive searchable database of nearly 2000 items separated in categories for easy access.

grocery shopping list groceries lists recipe recipes cooking food kitchen compose grocery lists seconds clicking items adding recipes

submitter software

Submitter software: messages boards/guestbooks/blogs by PHP/PERL Solutions

Perfect tool that easily submits your data to any message board, guestbook or any other script. Integrated Google support. From fields extractor included. Our messages boards/guestbooks database reached the count of 5000!

submitter guestbook message board blog submission seo search engines optimization website promotion link popularity google pr posting poster php scripts submitter autosubmitter automatic auto

compact software

Access Autopilot by CRiSP Software

Access Autopilot schedules essential backup, compact and archive of Access databases overnight; improving performance and reliability. Perfect for network/database administrators, it will save you hours of time and anguish! Great for multi-user apps.

compact repair archive access database schedule automatically administration utility schedule automatic backup compact archive access databases

database software

E2db Server by Interkonect Services UK Ltd.

E2db Server is a web form generated email to database software solution. E2db server periodically collects emails containing information entered by your website users. E2db processes those emails and posts the information submitted to a database.

database email web form webform web forms webforms php form2mail asp perl access sqlserver mysql website e-business e2db server web form generated email database solution

asp software

ASP/PHP Web Application Builder by City Business Logic

ASP/PHP Web Script Generation Wizard that builds secure, multi-user, relational web database applications for adding/searching/editing and deleting data. Ideal for building a sophisticated data-entry application in record time without programming.

asp php code generator content management wizard online database publish maintain development intranet publisher creator fields tables access sql dynamic java vb script security deploy validate

asp software

Dynamic Web Content Builder by City Business Logic

Merges database content into your website. Design your pages as normal in your favourite web editor, place "tokens" where you would like fields to appear, or actions such as looping to produce a list. Can build Dynamic ASP and/or static HTML.

asp html database web merge data static dynamic wizard automatic easy merges database content website builds dynamic asp static html


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