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database browser software

Sonswish - Oracle database browser by RustemSoft

Sonswish Oracle database browser is the Windows based graphical tool for database navigation, data updating, exploring, table relationships checking or validating Oracle database. Sonswish allows the DB developer to create Oracle objects

database browser navigator oracle database oracle database database relationships database browsing data editing control tool navigating updating

database browser software

DBReader by panansoft

DBReader is a hierarchical database browser with editing capabilities.DBReader provides the end user with a fully integrated set of development tools for data manipulation and data definition.

database browser displayer viewer explorer dbreader hierarchical database browser editing capabilities

database browser software

Data Browser by DB Software Laboratory

This Easy to use tool allows user to connect to any database and browse or modify data ,run sql scripts, export and print data. And the most important thing it is Freeware.

database browser oracle odbc sql easy utility allows user connect database browse

text software

Cogitum Co-Citer by Cogitum LC

A tool for creating and managing collections of texts from the Internet. It captures the selected text, its Internet location, and the date of grabbing. You can also assign comments and a folder

text cite citation html grab capture citer xml collection database browser plug-in web content km knowledge management

sql software

RazorSQL by Richardson Software

Query, update, navigate, and manage databases. RazorSQL includes an SQL editor, query tool, and built-in database. Visually create, edit, alter, and view tables as well as import and export data. Browse structures with the database navigator.

sql query tool sql editor sql client sql query tool database query tool sql gui sql front end database navigator database browser odbc jdbc oracle mysql sql server db2

 programming software

BackEdit by JanSoft

BackEdit is a scriptable (vbscript) programmers editor with custom: syntax highlighting (for any language), menus, code fragments, object models, auto-completion, completion-proposal, favourite directories and color palette.

programming database xml imaging syntax highlighted scriptable programmers editor syntax highlighting database editor xml edit

text software

TotalEdit Pro by CoderTools

TotalEdit Pro - the Text Editor for Database Developers. All the standard text editor features with a multi database connection and query tool. Now perform all your text editing and database queries and updates in one tool.

text database editor sql query editor text editor file editor code editor php editor ide php html javascript css development web development code editing programming

skyway technology software

DatabaseBridge by Skyway Technology

DatabaseBridge is a powerful cross-DBMS data migration, data comparison and distributed query tool that also performs validation of flat data and is a multi-DBMS browser. A cross-DBMS data transfer of a million records can be completed in minutes

skyway technology data transfer data integration data migration data validation database conversion distributed query database utility compare data copy databases import export databasebridge compare table copy table

namespace extension software

EZNamespaceExtensionsMFC by Sky Software

EZNamespaceExtensionsMFC is a framework for rapid development of shell namespace extensions in MFC. It supports features including sub-folders, custom views, details/column view, contextmenus, drag-drop & integrates smoothly into Windows Explorer.

namespace extension window explorer mfc c++ document management virtual drive eznamespaceextensions

olap software

OlapX Application by

OlapX is a sophisticated multidimensional database browsing tool. It enables the creation of multidimensional cubes and the interactive analysis, reporting and presentation of Microsoft's Analysis Services databases.

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