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gardening software

The Seed Program by CyberNiche Software

The Seed Program for Windows is a database system for garden seeds. Use it to help organize your seeds -- keep track of what seeds you have purchased, where they are from, how old they are or what seeds you need to buy.

storage diseases organic methods vegetables pests herbs

catalog creation software

Product Organizer by IT Specialists

Product Organizer is a database system for organizing product information and creating Frame Maker catalogs, price lists and other marketing material.

sprayer hierarchy organization structure product assortments efficiently sku

online contact manager software

Online Contact Manager by ESoftPRO

Online Contact Manager is an ultimate online database system that allows you to store and retrieve contact information anywhere - anytime! You''ll also be able to easily send emails to contacts with the built-in email client.

data export group support centralized database friends birthday cell interface client group

sql software

ScimoreDB Distributed Server by Scimore

The ScimoreDB Parallel Server is a low cost shared-nothing clustered database system . The Database server have been designed to take advantage of parallelization over multiple servers, achieving a near linear scalability for OLTP applications.

database relation cost parallel sql performance distributed cluster

contact software

EContact PRO by eScript

An ultimate online database system allows you to store and retrieve contact info anywhere in anytime! Features Sorting, Group, Birthday Reminder, Pref Control, Data Export, Manipulation Interface, 30+ Custom Fields, Build-in Email Client and more.

centralized database tab html community members email client send emails group support

cd catalog software


Personal database system for storing contact data, notes, passwords, movies, files, pictures in explorer style hierarchical database

picture catalog image catalog notes manager dvd catalog password manager cd catalog personal database offline image browser

judicial offense tracker software

Judicial Offense Tracker by CyberNiche Software

Judicial Offense Tracker is an easy to use database system for Judicial Officers and Judicial Affairs Offices to track student offenses, charges and sanctions, or for any institution that must track offenses committed by individuals.

judicial officer software judicial affairs prison administration software judicial affairs software judicial officer judicial offense tracker judicial affairs database

system software

Memory Database System Demo by MemDB Technology Company

This demo shows you the performance of the memory database system of the database engine developed by MemDB.

performance hong kong memory developmement software database design memory database system

database delphi software

Absolute Database by ComponentAce LLC

Absolute Database - Delphi database system. No BDE, no DLLs, SQL, strong encryption, BLOBs compression, single-file database, high-speed, embedded database. This BDE alternative is free for personal use.

database delphi database system personal delphi database delphi bde database

spell check software

Spell Magic by Alcoda Software

Spell check any text, paragraph or document from any application, e-mail program, editor or database; system-wide on-the-fly spell check; over 25 languages, medical, legal. Compatibility Mode for Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express.

medical spelling british spell checker italian oracle dutch spanish portuguese


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