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view software

Database Viewer-Editor by Mutex LLC

xBaseView is a multi-functional database tool designed for novice database administrators or advanced database users. It looks like Explorer: the database files are displayed in a folder-tree and you can open it with the mouse.

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referential software

DbVisualizer by Minq Software

DbVisualizer is a cross-platform database tool for all major relational databases. DbVisualizer enables simultaneous connections to many different databases through JDBC drivers.

referential integrity database sql jdbc dba reverse engineer chart graph editor inline form graphical client navigator explorer dbvisualizer cross-platform tool relational databases

database software

Database Tour by Vitaliy Levchenko

Universal database tool with report builder. View / edit / print data; build SQL-queries; transactions; sorting / filtering; viewing / printing structure; reindexing; searching / replacing text; import / export data.

database tour report sorting filtering tool table utility ascii oracle

powerbuilder software

Database Genius by S.V. Software

Database Genius is a database tool used to create and execute SQL statements in a easy to use graphical environment. After executing a query, the user can format the results to create a report and export it to many file formats

powerbuilder database utilities sybase microsoft sql server odbc genius tool used create reports execute

sql software

ADO Explorer by PEYO spol. s r.o.

ADO Explorer is a powerful database tool using ADO that allows you to proceed efficiently in your everyday database work. Organize connections and SQL commands, explore database objects, use powerful scripter. Native support MSSQL,ORACLE,INFORMIX.

sql ado tool connection server informix connect archive organizer tables columns procedures indexes constraints triggers parser msaccess

registration software

Sales Data Browser by Michael Brick

SDB is a database tool for program authors who distribute their software via ShareIt! registration service. It is able to extract both all needed data from registration notifications and export files.

registration service shareit shareware key generator sales data sdb sdb tool authors who distribute their software via

url extractor software

Extract URL by Spadix Software

A powerful URL extractor utility. Extract URL with title, description, keywords meta data from entire websites, list of URLs or search engine results.

url extractor link extractor meta tag extractor extract url title description keywords meta powerful url extractor utility extract


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