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email software

Visual Mailer by City Business Logic

Easy-to-use Flexible WYSWYG Email Sender and built in Mail Server. Generates valid email "headers" so more of your opt-in emails arrive in the inbox, not the spam folder. Unique features such as drag and drop from Outlook Express.

email sender html wyswyg bulk mass database dynamic personalized excel access database tailored customized easy professional mx built-in mail server

ms sql software

SQLExecMS by Laplas Soft

Unique all-in-one interface for management, tuning up, development and data manipulation. Consolidates a lot of SQL Server admin and debug features into one program. Great tool for MSDE admins. Could be used like a substitution for EM and QA.

ms sql msde t-sql query analyzer enterprise manager sql tool dba unique all-in-one interface admin tuning development deployment

microsoft word software

WordPlus for Microsoft Word by SriMax Software Technology

WordPlus offers MS Word users sophisticated tools to help them with their day-to-day business correspondence.1) Organize elegant Personalized Email & Postal Newsletters 2) Preview Word documents without opening 3) Deep Search with keywords inside doc

microsoft word ms word word plugin word addin office plugin mailing list postal newsletter email newsletter organizer mail list organize email postal newsletters pre-view ms word doc without opening

database software

E2db Server by Interkonect Services UK Ltd.

E2db Server is a web form generated email to database software solution. E2db server periodically collects emails containing information entered by your website users. E2db processes those emails and posts the information submitted to a database.

database email web form webform web forms webforms php form2mail asp perl access sqlserver mysql website e-business e2db server web form generated email database solution

sql software

TOAD for SQL Server by Quest Software

TOAD® for SQL Server empowers database developers and administrators (DBAs) to be more productive by providing an intuitive graphical user interface to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 databases.

sql ms sql sql server dba database database administration sql server empowers database developers administrators dbas

sqlsourcesafe software

SQLSourceSafe by Best SoftTool, Inc.

The integrated version control solution for SQL Server database. It integrates with both SQL Server and Visual SourceSafe, offers great functionality to manage the source code of SQL scripts.

sqlsourcesafe sql server tool source safe schema compare database version control sourcesafe query ms sql source control sql version control integrated version control solution sql server database

access software

Access Password Recovery by Intelore

Access Password Recovery is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to the Microsoft Access XP/2002/2000/97 password-protected databases. All passwords are recovered instantly regardless of length. Multilingual passwords are supported.

access password recovery access password recovery access 97 password access 2000 password mdb password recovery access password cracker lost password lost access password ms access password recovery recovers lost passwords database protected ms access 97 2000 xp 2002

clipboard software

MClipboard by F-Group Software

MClipboard manager provides you with 10 Windows clipboards, so that you can simultaneously copy and paste 10 different data segments (images, words, etc).MClipboard is aimed to be a quick and useful clipboard assistant for you to simplify your life!

clipboard clipboards windows clipboard clipboard manager clipboard enhancement clipboard viewer allows 10 clipboards data simultaneously 1 clipbrd

sqldbcompare software

SQLDBCompare by Best SoftTool, Inc.

The powerful database schema comparison and synchronization tool for SQL Server database. It compares either an individual object or the entire database objects within two databases, and also synchronizes the database objects within two databases.

sqldbcompare sql server tool schema compare synchronize database ms sql sql compare sql db compare sql script best softtool powerful database schema comparison synchronization tool sql server

database software

DB Maker by InternetSoft Corporation

Using the DB Maker will help you get a handle on large external information flows and make them an integral part of your mainstream business database.

database db maker create extract extractor bulk mail post personalize merge express list maillist mailing create databases utilizing html other files

sql source control software

mssqlXpress by Speciality Applications Pty Ltd

MS SQL developers? ultimate IDE! Complete object history connects to Major Source Control Software! Predictive ?intellisense? typing for object and variable names! Test execute code and then undo! Multiple editing windows!

sql source control sql ide sql development sql version control query analyser visual sourcesafe visual source safe vss version control ultimate ide enables developers maintain manage ms sql databases

flowchart software

Procedure Charter Professional PLUS! by FlowBiz Pty Ltd

An advanced flow charter that extends beyond static graphical flow charters. Simple to use intuitive quick draw pallet and auto placement of figures and lines. Detailed description and who does what, spell checking, report designer and field designer

flowchart flow chart procedure process iso manual document control work flow automated online report editor data designer process business bpm six sigma quality safety environment

stamp software

StampCAT by FNProgramvare

StampCAT is a powerful database program designed to help you catalog and manage your stamp collection. StampCAT will help you know what you have, where it is, and the total value of your collection.

stamp stamp-collecting philately postmark catalog organize collect collection report search query keep track of database catalog manage stamp collection powerful organizer

text software

Text Spotlight by NetStarlight Software

The OS-level text mining tool that allows you to create and maintain a large list of keywords; and then automatically scans screen and highlights every instance of keywords in all open desktop windows to help you find what you're looking for faster.

text mining text mining text mining tool search find watch navigate highlight highlighting highlighted keywords navigate through large textual databases easier faster efficiently

document software

Active Document Keeper by OrionSoftLab

Active Document Keeper is a document storage and management system. ADK stores various electronic documents in one or several document databases. Allows you to quick preview, scan, print and edit all documents directly from the ADK.

document document manager document storage document storage system organizer document database dms edms stores manages electronic documents one several document databases


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