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blueshell Active Tables by HvB Computer Engineering

Use VB 5/6 as well as all the languages of .NET (like C#, VB.NET and J#) to connect to various databases including Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Jet and more using ADO. Develop reliable and easy-to-use database applications in no time at all!

ado bat blueshell blueshell active tables active tables grid database databases activex visual basic visual basic vb vb5 vb6

maintenance software

Maintenance Parts Bin by Nhuntsoftware

MPB is not just limited to maintenance inventory. Create as many databases as you like and title each one what you will.Used for tracking Computer Parts,Automobiles,Etc. You can create new databases in MPB for different departments,projects etc.

maintenance parts inventory excel manufacturing bowling auto mpb not just limited maintenance inventory

database recovery software

AccessRecovery by Recoveronix Ltd.

AccessRecovery is a data recovery program for Microsoft Access databases. AccessRecovery has a powerful recovery engine designed to retrieve data from most damaged Access databases. Fixes databases versions 2.0/95/97/2000/XP.

database recovery recover damaged access database mdb file recovery fix corrupted database accessrecovery fixes corrupted microsoft access database files

sql software

DTM SQL editor by DTM soft

DTM SQL Editor is a set of powerful database management tools that allow you to have unified access to different types of databases and to have a set of solutions that makes processing your data easy. Get your free demo version now.

sql editor query builder export schema script execution set powerful database management tools odbc support schema viewer builder

database software

SQLWays by Ispirer Systems Ltd.

SQLWays? is a database migration product that migrates all major databases to IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and MySQL.

database migration services wizard conversion application solution automation data structure integration instrument tool kit datawarehouse relational source target automated automatic conversions convert

analyze software

Database Comparer VCL by Clever Components

Database Comparer helps to compare, synchronize and update databases structure. You can compare one database with another database or database with DDL/SQL script or even two DDL/SQL scripts!

analyze synchronize compare update database ddl script metadata sql interbase firebird ib compare synchronize update databases structure

microsoft access software

Ezy Data 2000 by

Ezy Data 2000 lets you easily create relational databases of tables and queries for entering, storing, viewing and analysing data. Many features include: . Import data from a spreadsheet or other database into Ezy Data.

microsoft access access databases access ms access database design relational databases access data stand-alone database application

email software

X-MailBuilder by White Tiger Studio

Email Scaner, Create the databases e-Mail addresses, Sender of Email

email spam database search internet scan find email parsed site email scaner create databases e-mail addresses sender email

web software

Aweris WebServer by Hixus Software

Aweris WebServer is compact and integrated distribution of Apache , PHP and Perl, designed to help you when working with PHP and MySQL databases and extended with various productivity tools for your Windows web-development needs

web server webserver web server apache php cgi perl mysql apache php cgi perl windows windows develop

query software

Query@Work by Genius@Work B.V.

Execute a SQL query on multiple ODBC databases at the same time. You can execute any type of query on any database that can be reached with an ODBC driver.

query database execute sql query multiple odbc databases same time execute

maintenance software

Maintenance Parts Bin Standard by Nhuntsoftware

Don't need all the extra features of MPB 5.6.6? Just want to keep track of parts and cost? Try the Standard Version of MPB. Create as many databases as you like and title each one what you will.Used for tracking Computer Parts,Automobiles,Etc.

maintenance parts inventory excel manufacturing bowling auto maintenance parts bin standard version

sourcesafe software

VSS Remoting by Source Remoting Software

It allows you to access SourceSafe databases through any internet connections. VSS Remoting uses HTTPS as its communication protocol. All data between client and server are compressed and encrypted.

sourcesafe version control source control remote access collaboration remote development outsource microsoft visual sourcesafe visual sourcesafe vss remoting source remoting vss remoting dreamweaver mx flash flash mx scm configuration management remote source safe

dbbalance software

CDB Database Comparator by dbBalance

CDB Database Comparator 3.1 is the powerful easy-to-use ODBC based tool for comparison and synchronization of heterogeneous databases and is used by thousands DBAs, developers and testers over the world.

dbbalance database comparison database synchronization database synchronizing database migration database compare comparison synchronization synchronizing migration dbbalance odbc-based tool comparison synchronization heterogeneous databases

word report software

WordReport by LJZsoft

WordReport is a report generator that outputs information in Word document formats. Supports all databases using ODBC, automatically generates periodic reports with on time configuration.

word report database reporting report generator wordreport report generator generate reports microsoft word format

excel report software

ExcelReport by LJZsoft

ExcelReport is a report generator that outputs information in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet formats. Supports all databases using ODBC, automatically generates periodic reports with on time configuration.

excel report database reporting report generator excelreport report generator generate reports microsoft excel format


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