Daytona Software

daytona software

Dazzling Daytona Sun Screensaver by Envision Programming

Watch this dazzling screensaver of the sparkling Daytona Beach Sun rising and setting. Be captivated by the views of the rippling waves, soaring birds, and majestic cloudscapes. Contains twenty-two photos and four songs.

daytona beach sunrise sunset screensaver outdoor scenary tourism dazzling beach sunrise sunset photos background music-for windows

bookmarks software

AcFolders by SVAr software

The Program is designed to accelerate access to your folders and files by placing bookmarks directly to the standard Open-Save Dialogs.

bookmarks bookmark shell save open dialog box quick fast access favorite favorites folder folders file files

ftp software

JustFTP by Eastern Digital Pty Ltd

JustFTP is designed to be used in VBScript applications or ASP/ASP.NET Web pages. See the sample code for file transfers etc. using ASP and VBScript. It is ideal for scheduled file transfers written in VBScript / JavaScript.

ftp component justftp activex script ftp dll ftp component

fax software

Network SuperFax by Pacific Image Europe

Network SuperFax allows you to send and receive faxes in a corporate network environment, using only 1 phone line. Add the power of sending faxes from each desktop without having to install additional fax lines and modems to your office now!

fax modem autoattendant call centre fax printer network tcp-ip remote client workstation server

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