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Company by Mohammad Saiedi

An award-winning board game which combines entertainment and economy. It deals with the world's greatest computer companies and car manufacturers. In Company, you'll have fun while learning business as you buy, sell, insure, invest, lend and loan.

company board game dice buy sell insure invest lend loan computer companies car manufacturer saiedi mohammad saiedi monopoly

compare suite software

Compare Suite by AKS-Labs

Compare Suite deals with plain text, binary files and office documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf, .htm files). If you work with plain text, then you can edit compared documents, apply or decline changes. Finally, you can bring comparison details to report.

compare suite compare file folder comparison merge text comparison report compare doc compare pdf compare xls compare htm compare binary compare office files file audit file folder comparison tool merge reporting abilities

ranware software

Draw5 by RANWare

Draw Poker game with full card animation and voice prompts. Full animation of card deals and hold flags. True Color images

ranware draw poker game directx direct draw draw poker windows

paragon software

Paragon Poker Suite by TELLIS

Paragon Poker Suite is a complete suite of popular poker games such as 5 Card Draw, Texas Hold 'Em and 7 Card Stud. The suite also features a high speed Poker Calculator to provide odds on any starting poker hand over up to a million deals.

paragon poker suite draw hold em stud calculator cards casino play draw hold em stud poker casino style

dating software

HOW-2 Meet Women by Brindlesoft

The Shy Man's Guide to Relationships. This ebook, in HTML format, deals with most aspects of meeting and relating to women. Internet best seller.

dating relationships shyness women ebook dating relationships shy men html format

galleus software

Solitaire Package One by Galleus

This solitaire pack contains four two deck and six one deck solitaires. Some of these games you won't find anywhere else, Engagements was invented by the author.

galleus card games solitaire patience solitaires playing cards solitary card games for one playing cards agnes canfield engagements fourteens gargantua golgotha hemispheres penguin pyramid building sir tommy windows

personal finance software

Personal Finances + by Bent Tree Software

Programs include: annuity/pension payout,auto loan calculators, financial statement, growing money, retirement investment required, saving/pension growth, portfolio evaluator, portfolio fundamentals.

personal finance aoto loan pension retirement retire portfolio stock financial statement software shareware program compendium 8 personal finance type programs


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