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SuperDVD Player by MasterSoft

Advanced media player for DVD, VCD, DivX, MP3, Wave, etc, mpeg,avi etc on your pc, DVD convertor,DVD Backup tools included.

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popup killer software

Smart Popup Blocker by BJStar Software Inc.

The annoying pop-up ad windows disturb your sights and occupy your system resource. How can you clear them?Smart Popup Blocker is an anti-popup product that can block 100% annoying popup ads absolutely automatically.

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download software

Matrix Inverse Calculator by Mohammad Saiedi

This program uses the complicated Gauss-Jordan elimination method to find the inverse of any square matrix. You simply choose your matrix's dimensions, then enter the elements of the matrix you want inverted and press Enter.

math mathematics matrix matrices inverse calculator calculate gauss jordan elimination saiedi mohammad saiedi uses complicated method find inverse square matrix

simulation modeling software

Simple Oil Field NPV Simulation Tool by Simulation Services

Oil companies and other stakeholders may need to assess the value of new fields or prospects even when very little hard data exists. Based on a simple model of a field development solution, this tool calculates a cash flow profile with risked NPV.

simulation modeling oil gas petroleum logistics manufacturing healthcare risk decision support integrated model-based simulation services modeling and simulation optimizing process tools software consultants uncertainty dss

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