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JPEG Japery by MonkeyJob Systems

JPEG Japery automates common jpg file operations. This package can rename, alter case, list, set attributes, encypt, decrypt, wipe, delete and more. Support added for date picture taken, date modified, date digitized and camera make and model.

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decrypt software

Office Password Remover by Rixler Software

Office Password Remover allows you to open your password-protected documents, which have been created in Microsoft Word and Excel. In just about 15 seconds the program removes an "open" password and accurately decrypts the content of a document.

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pdf software

3A PDF Password Remover by AAAPDF, Inc

3A PDF Password Remover can be used to decrypt(recovery,remover,unlock) the owner Password protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

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encrypting text software

AGUTA Text Encrypter by AGUTA

The function of AGUTA Text Encrypter software is encrypting and decrypting of text information. The encrypted text is embedded into a bitmap image file of BMP format.

encrypting text privacy text encrypting decrypting text information

pdf password recovery software

PDF Password Recovery COM SDK by

The PDF Password Recovery ( password remover )( pdf decrypt ) can be used to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

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email encryption software

ShyFile - Email Security by Dr. Bootz GmbH

Create self-decrypting files carrying your encoded text to be attached to an email. Use your browser to decode. 1on1 symmetric keys are employed for your email and HTML encryption, as well as for the binary file encryption. Includes a File Shredder.

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password software

ActMon Password Recovery XP by Activity Computer File PC Network Monitoring

The newest version of this popular password recovery utility decrypts and displays the passwords behind the asterisks on ALL Windows systems. It works automatically on Web pages, Windows 9x/NT and Windows 2000/XP systems.

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doneex software

DoneEx INI-File Manager DLL by DoneEx

You can create new or load existed INI-file and manage sections and keys in it. You can produce action with sections and keys of INI-file as: - search, add, delete sections and keys - retrieve, change, encrypt or decrypt keys and whole file.

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encrypt software

DeepCoder by DevOTechS

DeepCoder is a program to encrypt, decrypt and/or digitally sign e-mails and files using secret keys (passwords) or public keys. It can be used with any e-mail program or wordprocessor program. No plug-ins are required. Very easy to use!

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password software

Stealth Files by Froebis Interactive

Stealth Files hides any type of file in almost any other type of file. This is called steganography. This is a way of encrypting data so that it is hard to find. You can not decrypt something unless you know what to decrypt...

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