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e-mailing software

PrivyPad by SlavaSoft Inc.

Create, edit, read or email an encrypted/plain text file with this Notepad-like text editor. Supports 4 encryption/decryption algorithms: BLOWFISH, Triple DES(3DES), RIJNDAEL(AES), XOR. Use it to protect strictly confidential data, to keep passwords.

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packet sniffer software

LinkFerret Network Monitor by Baseband Technologies

LinkFerret is a versatile Ethernet/ 802.11b network monitor and packet sniffer. All of the essential wireless monitoring functionality, including signal monitoring, channel scannning, and WEP decryption are supported.

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encryption software

SecurityPlus! by SoftByte Labs.

SecurityPlus! is a powerful encryption & decryption utility with a file viewer, thumbnails, slideshow and program selector, runs in the tray and offers full privacy of images, other files, and applications using on-the-fly encryption/decryption.

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encryption software

Cryptosystem ME6 by Hermetic Systems

A program for the encryption and decryption of single or multiple files for secure storage or transmission. It uses a symmetric key encryption method with a 500-bit key for security, and has numerous safeguards against possible user error.

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password software

4UOnly by Dillobits Software, Inc.

4UOnly is a password manager for Microsoft Windows with a unique feature that saves you time while promoting good security: No longer are you required to enter your master decryption password each time you need to access your password list.

password security encryption manager 4uonly password manager time saving features

pop3 software

Intech Pop3 by Integration Technologies

ITPop3 is a full-featured ActiveX control that includes text-to-speech and automatic decryption capabilities. The installation package comes complete with SDK documentation and application samples for VB, Scripting, and C.

pop3 tts text-to-speech activex pop3 control text-to-speech

encrpytion software

Smash! by Broken Molds

Smash! is a fast, powerful, user friendly encryption and decryption utility, complete with Government level file wiping, and Government approved cryptography. Smash! is the answer to keeping your files secure, safe, and out of unwanted hands!

encrpytion wipe wiping security fast powerful user friendly encryption wiping utility

file encryption software

CryptoBlocker by Q3 Productions, Inc.

Keep your private files safe from prying eyes! Super-strong encryption algorithms ensure your files are encrypted tightly. Easy-to-use encryption/decryption. Send encrypted email with password protection. Multi-user accounts are easily added.

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securefile software

SecureFile by SecureSoft Technologies

SecureFile is an encryption and compression program that allows you to encrypt and decrypt files password and digital certificate. It creates a self-decryption archive which can be decrypted at the other end without any dependencies.

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security software

Cynapse MailCryptor by Cynapse India Pvt. Ltd.

MailCryptor is an e-mail encryption solution, which enables the user to encrypt e-mail messages. MailCryptor works on a 128-bit symmetric encryption algorithm, which ensures the right balance between security and speed of decryption.

security encryption email html 128bit mailcryptor 128bit email encryption system self decrypting html messages


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