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business software

[Ebook] How I Make Money Doing Nothing by SMB Today

Free PDF Ebook. "How I Make $1,000 a Week Doing Almost Nothing." This is a step by step guide describing one man's process to making $1,000 week, with little effort.

business finance employment money home ebook free make free pdf ebook how make 1 000 week doing nothing

tutorial software

Tut by Proto

Tut creates a software guide by observing the actions made in any Windows software, and immediately generating text and images describing these actions which can be later re-played over any computer !!

tutorial guide macro recorder play replay generate text operate actions tut proto tut creates software guide generating text images describing actions

computer misuse software

Omniquad Detective by Omniquad Ltd

Detective examines computer activity BACKWARDS, detects illicit content and displays a detailed log for inspection showing you what illicit material is stored on your computer and where. The 'user-defined keywords' option makes it more versatile.

computer misuse illicit material detection system tools detective examines pc detects illicit content displays detailed log

vhdl software

Testbench Tool by Full Circuit Ltd

Powerful tool to automate creating VHDL testbenches. Supports complex patterns and repeats to describe tests. Modular. Flexible - any variable can be include not just signals. Plot preview. Simulator displays descriptions as tests run.

vhdl testbench digital powerful tool automate creating vhdl testbenches

ham radio software

Ham University by MICA

Ham University (TM) helps you learn Morse code and prepare for your FCC Exams. It includes Morse code lessons, exercises and a neat game (Pentode(R)) inspired by Tetris(R). For the written exam there is a training program plus practice exams.

ham radio amateur radio fcc exams morse code game pentode lessons cw ham radio windows program helping pass fcc amateur radio exams

aim software

Messenger Plus by TPA Software

Enhance AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) with powerful IM and chat features such as automatic color fading, chat logging, and much more. Also, enhance your buddy list by removing the ads and giving you access to the powerful features of Messenger Plus.

aim aol instant messenger add on add-ons tools logging log fader chat colors buddies enhancement ads extreme power im ims im manager remove ads

patience software

Solitaire Studio by

First and most complete collection of the greatest Solitaires - more than 70 of really entertaining and educative patience for any skill level. Start with the ones already in the game and design the patience of your own. Free to try and download.

patience download free cards solitaire tactics puzzle board colors challenge create most complete wonderful solitaires collection add games here


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