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Desk Switcher by Twilight Utilities

Give yourself more room on your 2K/XP desktop with this handy desktop manager. Switch instantly between virtual desktops with simple key strokes or use the mouse. Never run out of desktop space again! Each desktop can have it's own unique wallpaper

desktop switcher management give yourself room 2k xp desktop handy desktop manager

virtual software

ManageDesk by ManageDesk Virtual Desktop Software

You want more desktop space, you value your time. Then for you ManageDesk is the clear choice. This compact, stable and robust in operation desktop manager offers a lucid and friendly interface, making multitasking computing a pure pleasure.

virtual desktop manager switch windows software multiple extended desk compact user friendly stable robust operation virtual desktop manager

virtual desktop managers software


Powerful & stable Virtual Desktop Manager / Assistant - features QuickView, AppBar, powerful rules, Reminders & Alarms, CPU meter, Applications AutoRestart, Memory Cleaner, TaskList, HotKeys, HotMouse, Mouse-Scrolling, HotCorners and more !

virtual desktop managers tools - shell extensions powerful stable virtual desktop manager lot extra features

9livesw software

9LivesW Virtual desktop manager by 9LivesW Ltd.

9LivesW is a popular desktop manager for MS Windows family (95/98/NT/2000/XP...). It is small, flexible and very comfortable tool, which help you to keep a good order on your desktop.

9livesw virtual desktop manager ms windows 9livesw virtual desktop manager unlimited count desktops

virtual desktop manager software

vdesk by Octatec

A Virtual Desktop System for Windows. The Virtual Desktop Manager implements multiple independent virtual desktops. comes with a sophisticated wallpaper changer that allows each of the multiple desktops to have independent wallpaper.

virtual desktop manager virtual desktop windows wallpaper wallpaper changer multiple desktops virtual desktops virtual terminal virtual desktop system windows

multi desktop software

Multi Desktop by 8848soft inc.

Ever wished you had several screens on you desktop? Multi Desktop is a virtual desktop manager which will create up to 4 virtual desktops allowing you to have different windows open on each of desktops.

multi desktop virtual desktop virtual desktop virtual desktop manager windows desktop virtual desktop manager virtual desktop manager shareware windows wallpaper virtual desktop pet virtual and desktop

virtual software

Virtual Desk by JDSoft

Virtual Desktop is a desktop manager to create many virtual desktops and switch among them. It provide you three methods to switch among desktops: switching window, shortcuts and hotkeys. Skin, adjusting time and many features are configurable.

virtual desktop virtual desktop manager desktop manager virtual desktops multiple desktop desktop wallpaper desktop screensaver desktop manager create eight virtual desktops switch among them

virtual desktop software

WinSpace 3.01 Professional by TriPlus Technologies, LLC

Short on screen space? Too many windows open? Get the leading virtual desktop software WinSpace® to increase your desktop space. It creates up to 400 easily accessible workspaces that extend beyond the boundaries of your monitor into virtual space.

virtual desktop virtual desktop manager desktop virtual winspace xwindows x-windows screen switch multiple clutter fvwm task switcher xdesk virtual desktop assistant desktop manger litestep windowblinds desktopx js pager multidesk

desktop manager software

Harvest Desktop by Back Office Solutions, Inc.

Harvest Desktop is an integrated file and desktop management tool which revolutionizes the way in which people access, secure and use information. View, encrypt, search and manage files and documents in an easy, intuitive way.

desktop manager file viewer information manager browser encryption security desktop management information management document management aes winzip internet security revolutionary file desktop management tool encryption other tools

virtual software

No Fuss Virtual Desktop by Informatique sur Mesure Sarl

No Fuss Virtual Desktop allows you to quickly switch between an unlimited number of virtual desktops. Organizing your work on different desktops is easy and effective. As the desktops are organized as a checkboard, navigating is easy and intuitive.

virtual desktop easy fuzz virtual desktop easy fuzz shareware shareware fuss virtual desktop allows switch between virtual desktops


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