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WinPik by Berkeley Designing Company

Mini-Desktop Organizer manages your disk drive with notebook directory tabs. Memo pad opens and saves on a click. Recall commonly used directory paths. Line Prompt starts programs and doublles as a math calculator. Includes batch file editor.

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arrange windows software

WinArranger Free by ManageBytes Software

WinArranger helps you to use your workspace more effectively by arranging windows on your computer screen in the most optimal way. It can even hide borders and captions and system taskbar. Multi-monitor configurations are fully supported. Freeware.

arrange windows tile windows multi-monitor screen organizer window manager desktop organizer

multiple desktop software

Mahalosoft BionicSpider by Mahalosoft

BionicSpider v1.5 gives you absolute and complete control over every opened window.

multiple desktop window organizer desktop organizer bionicspider creates multiple desktops

desktop software

Desktop Notes by Intelore

Desktop Notes is a program that will allow you to post notes on your Windows desktop. These notes won't intefere with your other activities on your PC cause they stick to the desktop.

desktop note utility post notes post note desktop organizer desktop system desktop management program will allow post

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