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reminder software Secure Reminder by

Reminder software for Windows desktop. Reminds about important date and events using various alarm actions. Keeps secure data in a safe manner. Strong information encryption. Creates post it reminder notes. Built-in random password generator.

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reminder software

Secure Reminder by

Reminder software & Scheduler for Windows desktop. Reminds about important dates and events using various alarms. Sends reminders over LAN/Internet, "stick" reminders to files/urls/windows. Strong information encryption. Built-in password generator.

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Desktop Reminder by TheAlas Software

Desktop Reminder is small and simple scheduling program. You will never forget your important dates again, as long as you have this program installed

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sticky notes software

NotesPlusPlus by

Sticky Notes organizer software for Windows. Advanced desktop sticky notes customization. Create reminder notes, associate sticky notes with programs/windows, attach files/urls to notes, send sticky notes over LAN/Internet, search, etc.

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reminder software

Jingle by Rockrose Software LLC

Jingle is a sms/email/desktop reminder program with user friendly interface and powerful capacities. No matter you are at home, in the office, or on the road, whenever you want, Jingle will remind you any important event in advance.

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reminder software

buzZzReminder by Luca Boggian and Devis Pantano

To do list, calendar, reminder : simple, useful, and reliable. Keeping track of your important dates and events has never been easier with this desktop reminder. Fully skinnable. Trial version available for download.

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sticky notes software

Notes PP by

Notes PP - note taking software for Windows. Create sticky notes & reminders, post notes on desktop, send desktop stickies over LAN/Internet, associate sticky notes with programs. Easy notes organizer with high security. Download sticky notes

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sticky notes software

Free Sticky Notes by MazePath Software

FREE, easy to use sticky notes for your PC -- great for desktop reminders, Simple, yet cool notes that roll up and roll down, control them individually or all at once. Hide or show all with a click. Very easy to use, completely free.

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