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Destination Software

compare software

PTCompare by Practical Theory

Compare the content of 2 drives or folders, and generate a report showing all the defects that in your destination directory or drive. Works on hard disks, diskettes, Zip drives, Jaz drives, magneto-optical drives, CD drives and the like.

compare practical theory files backup copy folders directories directory drives fast byte-to-byte drives folders comparison program

backup software

FitoNT by B & H Company

Program watches selected Directory for changes, if change occurs, it transfers copy of changed file to selected destination on same machine, another workstation, server, floppy or Direct CD. Runs completely hidden.

backup transfer copy save burn write data recovery backup software network solution data recovery security real time program will automatically back real time anything need

backup software

Shadow by Mace Computer Systems

Shadow: Backup/Synchronization Utility, that allows fast backups of Disks, Volumes, or Folders Explorer-like interface. Capability to exclude certain folders, files, or file extensions. Option to delete files in destination path.

backup synchronization sync shadow fast backup synchronization

mirroring software

QuickMirror by QuickMirror

QuickMirror is a Windows file management utility that quickly transforms destination folders into mirror images of source folders. QuickMirror can be used for many purposes, such as quick updating of backups, synchronization and mirroring.

mirroring backup synchronization quickmirror provides quick updating backups synchronization mirroring

lan software

LAN Messenger by The Hangar Z Network

This program stands by itself. Use it to send pop-up messages to friends and co-workers on your LAN. It does not require setup on the destination computer. it's one simple exe file which requires no setup. From the programmers of The Hangar Z Netwok.

lan network messenger message program sends pop-up messeges other computers lan

mail software

Mail Redirect by Helexis Software Development

Mail Redirect - is easy to use mail redirecting utility that allows you to retrieve mail from POP3 mailboxes and distribute this mail to one or multiple destination addresses by SMTP.

mail email redirect route exchange web server pop3 smtp helexis group client message fast mail redirecting tool allows share mail between multiple boxes

gps software

GPS.NET Visualization Tools by StormSource Software

Visualize GPS information such as satellite location, signal strength, bearing and direction to destination with this lightweight, flicker-free .NET user control. Includes properties to allow the control to blend with any user interface.

gps net component user control powerful gps user controls visual studio net applications


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