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rs232 software

Docklight Scripting by Flachmann und Heggelbacher

Docklight Scripting is an extended edition of Docklight RS232 Terminal / RS232 Monitor. It features an easy-to-use script language, plus a built-in editor to create and run automated test jobs.

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remote desktop software

SupportWindow Console by Bytewiser Data Systems, Inc.

SupportWindow Console accepts incoming connections from SupportWindow Hosts and SupportWindow Services to allow complete remote desktop control,file sharing and Chat. Optional registration of Presentation Mode allows host to view Console Desktop.

remote desktop remote desktop support help desk remote access remote support chat

java software

100% Free Java Tree Applet by Sirius Computer Consultants Limited

Java Tree Applet completely FREE. This product is NOT Trialware or Evalware - but a fully functioning version which is Free for you to use however you wish, making it a truly Freeware product.

java applet java applet free java applet applets applet applet applets applet applet applets applet javascript free applet

internet eraser software

Free Window Sweeper by FindSth Software

Free Window Sweeper is a free privacy clean-up tool that allows you to remove Internet and computer traces, browser history, cookies, index.dat files, typed URLs and more. It also offers support for many 3rd party applications.

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