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hexadrom software

Hexadrom by Microsys Com Ltd.

Play Hexadrom and have fun making diamond lines! The goal is to make diagonal or vertical lines with at least three identical diamonds. To get higher scores, try to make simultaneously as many lines as you can with three or more diamonds.

hexadrom lines strategy board diamond hexa puzzle

boulder crash software

Boulder Crash by AltarSoft.com

This game is remake of famous games Boulder Dash and Digger. You have to collect diamonds and escape monsters. When you collect all diamonds - you enter next level.

boulder crash digger boulder dash arcade shareware game arcade game shareware game soft games development new popular remake buy cheap program best download shareware free trial directx direct x directx game

security software

DLOCK2 by Michael Paul Johnson

DLOCK2 is a simple command line file encryption/decryption utility program that uses the free Diamond 2 Encryption Algorithm. Full source code included. Version 2.01 is the same as the original DLOCK2, except recompiled for the Win32 command line.

security utility encryption file management cryptography crypto dlock dlock2 diamond2 simple strong encryption command line utility complete source code

dragon software

Dragon Jumper by Astatix Software

Jump with funny dragon in the lake to eat fruits, collect prizes, diamonds and avoid evil monsters. Monsters want to catch and eat him. They are fast and cruel. In order to live a long life try to be quick and smart.

dragon jumper leapfrog frog arcade action run jump enemy monsters dinosaur levels prizes bonus records hiscore gameplay drown swim lake magic swamp

cute software

Doulber Gold by Phelios Inc.

Burrow deep into the earth?s core, and you?ll be amazed to find 6 worlds, over 130 puzzling caves, and a kooky ant named Doulber. But beware: rats and other monsters could steal your diamonds and get in the way of your rich adventures!

cute family violent great boulder dash platform addictive levels fun dig deep earth find bug treasure-oh some monsters

diamond software

Diamond Puzzle by Puzzle Game Download

Diamond Puzzle is a brand new exciting mind breaker. This game requires some wit but is by no means one of those boring slow moving puzzles. Actually here you can choose your own style of play...

diamond diamonds diamondpuzzle diamond puzzle puzzle puzzle-game-download puzzle-download puzzle brand new exciting puzzle

charlie software

Charlie II by Wiering Software

Smooth scrolling platform game about a cute little duck. Collect coins and diamonds, jump on enemies and dive into the water to find hidden areas!

charlie mario platform game duck action side scroller smooth scrolling wiering software mike wiering mario-style action about cute duck collect coins diamonds

dino software

Dino Lake 3D by Teddy Games

Welcome to the fantastic world of Dino Lake 3D. Enjoy the REAL 3D scene and professionally animated characters in this puzzle arcade game.Lead Dino through the maze and collect diamonds.Be attentive, at various levels there are dangerous monsters.

dino lake 3d arcade puzzle games modern 3d remake classic arcade puzzle

downloadable software

Diamonds1.5-self-extract.exe by Douglas Adams & Co

Diamonds...has sweet graphics...sound...45 levels...hi-score recorder...plus the ability to design your own game with the level editor!!! Level editor included

downloadable pc downloadable downloadable computer diamonds sweet graphics sound 45 levels hi-score recorder plus

puzzles software

Rich Diamond by Core Concepts, Incorporated

Your quest will take months as you successfully wind your way through elaborate mazes, monsters and other clever devices designed to prevent you from your goal. The three E's: entertaining, enjoyable, and educational, Rich Diamond has it all.

puzzles games logic brains strategy family challenging skill mind thinking iq educational entertaining shareware brain teasers freeware demo logic games solving educational games strategy games puzzle games


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