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sendphotos software

SendPhotos Gold by Novatix Corporation

SendPhotos Gold is the easiest and fastest way to share your digital pictures with friends and family through email. Send & receive your photos 25x faster than if you had sent them as email attachments. No more struggling with attachments!

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sendphotos software

SendPhotos Evaluation by Novatix Corporation

SendPhotos? makes sharing digital pictures and photos through email easy for everyone! This remarkable new product allows users of all skill levels to quickly create spectacular, fun and professional picture emails in just a few simple steps.

sendphotos send photos email picture share digital image novatix photo easiest fastest way email digital pictures

flash slide show software

Flash Photo Show by Epinoisis Software

Flash Photo Show is a Flash Slideshow maker that you can use to create amazing video-like slide shows out of your Digital Pictures and Music. You can also use Flash Photo Show to convert your Flash Slideshow or any other Flash file to a Screensaver.

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photo software

PixVillage :: Photo Sharing Software :: by PixVillage

Hundreds of digital pictures sleeping on your hard drive ? Just share them ! PixVillage is a free software for sharing photos with your friends and family with no limitation.

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vcd software

FlyVCDPro by FlyVCD Software

FlyVCD is a powerful utility to create VCD, SVCD, or DVD compatible MPG files from digital pictures (BMP or JPG) and music (MP3). You can add text onto pictures and set transition effects between them.

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thumbnails software

Thumb Buddy by Lincoln Beach Software

Create stylish photo albums of all your precious digital pictures in a snap. You can create any style album with features such as masking, shadows, perspective views just to name a few. Simply drag and drop to build your album. One button publishing!

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image software

CoffeeCup PixConverter by CoffeeCup Software, Inc.

Convert all your digital pictures to use on your Website, sending in email, posting on auction sites and lots more. The CoffeeCup PixConverter is the easy way to batch convert your digital pictures for all your needs.

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