Discreet Software

vector software

VeCAD DLL/OCX by Kolbasoft

VeCAD is a 3D vector graphics library. It serves as a foundation for your own customized drawing applications (CAD/GIS). The library is furnished in two discreet formats; as a run-time Windows 32 bit DLL; and, as an OCX. Both are included.

vector graphics library cad gis cam cnc dxf dwg drawings maps component dll ocx activex delphi visual basic

email software

Discreetmail by Spymode

Discreetmail can be run from a floppy or CD to use on any computer or installed on your own computer. It starts up very quickly and allows the user to send emails using any email address you like as the sender. Emails can also be encrypted.

email e store mail discreetmail allows send emails using address sender

logger software

PAL Keylogger Pro by PAL Solutions Ltd.

PAL Keylogger will secretly record EVERY keystroke on any computer including passwords and will record websites visited. All this discreetly and will silently email all the logs to you!

logger spying spy keylogger key logger monitoring tracking keyboard pal keylogger will secretly record every keystroke computer

rsi software

Albion StopNow! by Albion Research Ltd.

Taking regular breaks to avoid RSI problems can be hard without help. Albion StopNow! monitors your computer and gives you a discreet reminder if it finds that you have worked for too long without taking that necessary break.

rsi repetitive strain injury repetitive stress injury cts oos ctd break reminder rsi repetitive strain injury repetitive stress injury prevention tool

snapkey software

SnapKey: Parental Internet Monitor by MVP Software

SnapKey provides the one-stop solution for parents who want to insure that their kids are safe. SnapKey runs in the background, completely undetectable, and monitors all computer activity. Parents access SnapKey anytime to insure their kids' safety

snapkey parents parental monitor web safety online kids nanny secretly monitor anyones computer online activity

pda software

pivique Astrology by pivique

pda pocket pc pocketpc windows ce wince astrology horoscope zodiac ephemerides natal horoscope planets mobile computing shareware software program application ipaq ephemeris

basta software

Rasputin by Basta Computing, Inc.

Many Internet Service Providers (ISP) disconnect your computer when they detect a lack of Internet access for a certain amount of time. Rasputin simulates network activity to help keep your Internet connection alive.

basta rasputin web connection keeper pinger keep alive stay connected ping simulate signals timeout rasputin simple effective web connection keeper


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