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defrag software

Diskeeper Server Standard Edition by Executive Software

No matter how fast your storage system is, it only takes a few hours for disk fragmentation to increase access times and drag down performance and reliability. If you haven?t installed Diskeeper 8.0 on your servers, your investment is being nullified

disk fragmentation server operating systems reliability raid arrays windows server storage system

power software

Power Defrag by E-Technik Website Development (Pty) Ltd.

Power Defrag 3 provides optimised defragmentation, disk checking and system functions. On Windows 9x, these system functions include registry management. On Windows XP, they provide control of the System Restore tool.

defragmentation system functions power defrag system restore windows xp windows 95

protect software

East-Tec FormatSecure 2005 by EAST Technologies

Don't give away private information with the floppy, CD/DVD-RW, ZIP or hard disks you exchange with your co-workers or friends. East-Tec FormatSecure 2005, unlike the normal disk format, eliminates old sensitive data from the disk beyond recovery.

department of defense cd rw unformat east tec dvd rw rw drives

listmaker software

ListMaker by Jason Carlson

Very easy to use, generates customizable text or HTML lists of your files. It can catalog removable disks, search for files and tell you what disk they are on, search for duplicates in your list, and generate lists automatically to keep them up to da

easy html catalog fast listmaker lists search

ntfs reader software

DiskInternals NTFS Reader by DiskInternals Research

Provides read access to NTFS disks from Windows 95, 98 and Me. Allows you to save any files to any disk visible on the system or on the network. Supports saving compressed or encrypted files.

95 get ntfs windows 98 ntfs for windows 95 98 me volumes

data eraser software

Disk Doctors Data Sanitizer by Disk Doctors Lab

Data sanitizer eliminates or erase data file(s) in different directories with a stroke of a key shredding sensitive data beyond recovery and offers 9 sanitisation standards for disk wiping

navso dod 5220 data eraser us department of defense atlantic treaty organization sensitive data

page software

PicMan by BB by Bernie-Built Manufacturing

Use PicMan by BB for managing web page pic collections which seem to grow over time. It lets you separate the wanted from the unwanted pics for better disk space management. The FULL SOURCE CODE is also supplied in the zip along with the program .

visual basic 6 source code bb tiny program taking up space picman heaps

server monitor software

Sentry-go Quick Server Monitor by 3Ds (UK) Limited

Easily monitor your Microsoft Windows Server, take automatic action and/or alert you to issues if they arise. Checks include services, processes, disk space, performance, event logs & network connectivity. Quick & easy to install, configure & manage.

server monitor event logs performance alert connectivity services processes

crossword software

Crossword Challenge by PC Shareware, Inc.

Crossword Challenge - puzzle game. Solve electronic crossword puzzles on your computer interactively! Many puzzles included. Answer peek, save you unfinished work to disk options are featured. A fun way to increase your vocabulary.

history crossword increase fun vocabulary word words

clean software

WinCleaner One Click by Business Logic Corporation

"only Ultra WinCleaner did significantly better here than XP's own Disk Cleanup. On our test system, WinCleaner removed 44MB, whereas XP got only 35MB. SystemWorks' 36MB was a near photo finish with Windows,"

uninstall windows performance cleans safely one pc


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