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catalog software

XBaseCatalog Professional by PYXSYS-OOBOX

OOBOX XBaseCatalog Professional: Cataloging CD ROM, DVD, floppy disk, ... Find easily where you saved your files ... Don't Waste any more space on your CD-R by burning of multiple times the same files!

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formula software

Unitica-ONE by Unitica c/o Andreas Bierwolf

Unitica-ONE is an easy-to-use drag n' drop-formulae collection for all engineering students. It is very helpful for the creation of any document that requires a high degree of formulae editing.

formula formulae collection property values thermodynamic water steam tables diagram

eudora software

Eudora Automation by XYZSoftware Inc.

This program parses and puts the emails in Eudora mbx files in an Access database file.With this program you won't have to worry how to backup your mailboxes or sort them.

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mail software

Munite by Munite

An EMail client with a twist; instead of seeing your EMail as unrelated pieces of information, it unites all EMail in Threads. No more searching in endless lists of scattered discussions, wondering if you missed something.

mail email e-mail thread unite organize group email client which automatically groups related email threads

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