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document management system software

proNETDOCS XP by MC System Solutions, LLC

proNETDOCS XP 1.0 is a Legal Document Management System (DMS) solution designed to allow you to organize and share your documents across a Windows-Based domain. proNETDOCS XP was developed with the legal community in mind.

document management system legal document management enterprise-based file sharing legal document management system pronetdocs xp legal document management system dms

site software

Enterprise Search by Innerprise

High performance search engine and spider utilizing the scalability and reliability of Microsoft SQL Server 7 or 2000 with Full-Text Indexing installed. Each Enterprise Search spider can index more than 10,000 docs per hour.

site enterprise search search search engine search engine software context-sensitive full-text index website index intranet search software find information traverse links index remote sites harvest gather directory

scrapbook software

BlueBell - Internet Scrapbook. by Tymax Systems

Drag pictures & text straight out of Internet Explorer and into BlueBell - and they'll be instantly saved. Keep interesting pictures, jokes, passwords, Web Addresss, Licenses, Specs, Docs in your password protected ScrapBook.

scrapbook web drag and drop bluebell passwords pictures web pages collecting text personal documents family child safe geneology bluebell web scrapbook drag drop pictures text internet

auto software

Auto Maintenance Pro by Innovative Maintenance Systems

Tracks and organizes preventive maintenance for home vehicles and equip. Automatically calculates maintenance due, issues reports, and generates history. Provides an unlimited number of user-definable mtc items. Track mtc by month, mileage, or hours.

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shutdown software

Absurd Terminator by NeSoft Inc.

Fast Windows Shutdowner and Task Terminator. Shutdown Windows and terminate active tasks by one touch (alternative to "Ctrl-Alt-Del") and from command line

shutdown windows process terminate command line ctrl-alt-del add-remove shut down restart fast windows shutdowner task terminator

java software

Java Help by UniBridge Networks

Java Help is a swift Java API lookup program. Designed to be invoked from a text editor, Java Help lets you search multiple APIs with a single keystroke. Place the cursor on a word you want to search for and press a key; Java Help comes right up.

java help api lookup plugin plug in text editor java api lookup tool multiple apis invoke editor incredibly fast

exponential software

ESP Toolbar by Exponential Software Professionals

The ESP Toolbar Component is a 100% Pure Java, and JavaBeans Compliant software component that simulates the functionality of the Internet Explorer 6 Toolbar, using Java Swing.

exponential software professionals esp toolbar java bean component swing web explorer source exponential software professionals esp toolbar component java swing


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