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JavaHelp Plug-In for SimplyHTML by Light Development

turns application SimplyHTML into a full fledged WYSIWYG help authoring tool (HAT). Features table of contents, index and search database. Works directly in JavaHelp format, no conversions necessary. Write complex documentations fast and simple.

javahelp java help authoring documentation documents online help help authoring tools hat turns application simplyhtml full fledged help authoring tool hat

com-x-ray software

COM-X-RAY by MERLIN Software-Engineering GmbH

Analyze and understand your COM objects and generate compileable IDLs. - generate UML-Diagrams - parse dependencies - generate documentations (rtf, html, chm) - export XML / IDL - search thru your COM - navigate thru your COM

com-x-ray com activex idl xml documentation generate analyze understand com objects generate compileable idls

javahelp software

HelpExpert by CalCom

WYSIWYG Java tool to create platform independent electronic documentations. Automatically produces help sets in JavaHelp, PDF and HTML format in one step. Extensive tutorial included. Java VM required.

javahelp java documentation html xml help help authoring authoring tool tool tutorials pdf portable document format generate platform independent electronic documentations easy way

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