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downtime recording software

Downtime Recording (MS Access XP) by Inteproc Pty Ltd

Recording and analysis of plant downtime, outages or stoppages for the performance measurement of maintenance activities in manufacturing or production environments. Includes functions for interfacing to process control.

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automatic writing software

Synonymizer by Netic Infoservices

Improve and enrich your writing, by using synonyms. Generate content for your website. Avoid content duplication. Create new text automatically.

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chat software

EasyChat by Christian Lemke

With EasyChat you can easily talk over the local network or over the internet. The connection is encrypted and so nobody can read unauthorized the message.

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dictionary software

Wordz Toolbar for Internet Explorer by Socket Software

WordZ toolbar provides instant, 1-click access to Dictionary and Thesaurus definitions and spell checking from a toolbar on your web browser. WordZ is free software that contains no adware or spyware and is published by Socket Software. It can be used and distributed as you see fit.

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