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programming tool software

zCFac by Eden Systems LLC

zCFac automatically generates Java, SQL, and HTML for dynamic web applications. Handles data access, dynamic searches, navigation, display, and access. Provides options for various edit widgets, search level, and hooks for custom code.

programming tool web development tool java code generator mac os x dynamic query generates java sql html display edit complex searches

notification software

Right Web Monitor by RightSoft, Inc.

Use Right Web Monitor to automatically check the specified web resources and notify you when any changes occur. You can watch web pages, mailboxes, files, images, FTP folders or applications anywhere on the Internet and download the changed files.

notification checking monitoring auto web ftp changes content program monitors specific web resources notifies they change

web software

CodeCharge Studio by YesSoftware

Visually create database-driven Web applications in eight different technologies: ASP/VBScript, .Net (C# and VB.NET), ColdFusion, JSP, Java Servlets, PHP and Perl. Includes a rapid Application Builder, Query Designer, HTML Editor and Code Generator.

web database internet asp php perl java jsp coldfusion net vb-net ms access mssql mysql oracle

contact manager software

awContactMgr by Eden Systems LLC

awContactMgr lets you manage personalized information about people. This includes the ability to track Contact, Events, Lists, Codes, Notes. The application allows you to edit and browse these. Make lists of contacts as XML or CSV

contact manager web enabled groupware zib1l35 manage personalized information about people make lists xml csv

web development tool software

Atlas java Utiities by Eden Systems LLC

Java utilities for browse and edit web apps. Display/process HTML forms to view and edit objects, search and list objects. Manage request context. Time display and conversion. Factors standard operations to let you focus on specifics.

web development tool data access objects dynamic query java utilities browse edit web apps focus specifics

dynamic web application software

awSchedule by Eden Systems LLC

Dynamic, web enabled schedule and message board. You can view events in calendar,log, and agenda formats and can filter them using criteria such as time, place, event type. Tailorable and Designed schools, churches, clubs, etc.

dynamic web application calendar message board web enabled groupware zib1l35 post events messages web users search contol views

dynamic web application software

awRoomMgr by Eden Systems LLC

Resource booking application that tracks and shows scheduling of resources on the web. You can Browse availability, View bookings resources, users, notes, Request a booking for a user. The administrator can create, edit, and objects.

dynamic web application calendar scheduling booking resource management web enabled groupware zib1l35 resource booking web application tracks shows scheduling resources

dynamic web application software

awLinkMgr by Eden Systems LLC

Use your browser to track web links for users and sites. awLinkMgr lets you manage information about links to the web. Sort of a searchable bookmarker or web-link rolladex. Searchable view of sites, notes. Drop down selections. Help files.

dynamic web application web enabled groupware zib1l35 bookmark manager search manage information about links web browser

uml software

SkillFusion Development Engine by SkillFusion Software

SkillFusion Development Engine generates web applications in numerous software language and database environments. SkillFusion Development Engine easily enhances your development productivity and reduces your long-term maintenance and QA costs.

uml modeler database generator application development tool skillfusion development engine creates dynamic web applications fast

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