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Seven, Out by E-dition

All your life you dreamed of becoming a "heavy hitter". Now you have the chance to become THE heavy hitter. You have to gamble, gamble everything you own, even your life. You throw the dices and ...

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Awakening by E-dition

A work of fiction in the genre of horror. A long dormant creature awakens in the depths of a small lake to wreak terror and violence on a small town. A spellbinding tale of eroticism and horror.

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Boy who knew by E-dition

For a child, everything is normal, how can he explain using his limited vocabulary what the adults consider paranormal experiences and can hardly explain themselves. This ebook tries to break that barrier. All the stories are true.

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Supergenius by E-dition

This ebook is strange both in form and contents. Very hard to explain but the author teaches you a new approach, a new method to learn fast and REMEMBER what you learned. Is this an ebook? Is this a philosophic treatise? Find out by yourself!

ebooks e-dition genius learning method philosophy exercise training student reading understanding discover how genius learns how become one

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