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caps-lock software


cAPSlOCKhATER turns off the CAPSLOCK key which makes you write EVERYTHING IN CAPS. This stupid key always annoyed me when I was writing e-mails and suddenly all was IN CAPS. This program file tweaks windows to stop this behaviour.


data protection software

LabVault Data encryption utility by Labtam Inc.

Safeguard files, e-mails, passwords using strong data encryption. LabVault is a software package that any user with a PC running under Windows 2000, XP (support of other OS will come shortly) can keep all there secret information securely.

data protection data security data encryption file encryption file lock computer security security software file protect

keylogger software

Advanced SpyMyPC Keylogger by Benutec Software, INC

An ideal spy software package to monitor online and offline computer activities. This computer monitoring software runs invisible and records what your employee, child or other users do on the computer. The completely invisible and hardly traceable key logger will tell you when, how and what they did on the Internet. The program can send you reports via e-mail. You will have access to all e-mail written by your kids and all their passwords.

keylogger key logger keystroke recorder password recorder keystroke logger password grabber

nskeylogger software

NS Keylogger Personal Monitor by NiceSoft Studio

NS Keylogger records everything that is entered from the keyboard, to an log file. Documents, e-mails, chat conversations, typed URL addresses, passwords, Internet forms, etc will be recorded neatly. Caps, symbols, backspaces will also be processed, so you will see the recordings as similarly as the original documents. It runs stealthly, it will be invisible to the users, so the users won't know that their keystrokes are being recorded.

nskeylogger keylogger keybaord recorder nicesoft

e-sales software

RegKeeper- e-Sales Tracking Software by SiComponents

RegKeeper is a straightforward, inexpensive e-sales tracking software application packed with handy features like an overstuffed sandwich. RegKeeper tracks sales generated by own e-store or third-party resellers, comes with affiliate support, chargebacks and refunds black list, e-mail processing/filtering, order import, rich reporting options, sales history. While it can be used to track any sales, this product is excellent for software e-shops.

e-sales order processing customer management e-commerce

tts software

Text-to-Speech Master by TTS Master Team

Text-to-Speech or TTS software that lets you listen to documents, e-mails or web pages instead of reading on screen or even convert them to audio files! It can read texts with different voices, speeds and pitches, read clipboard content, convert text to WAV or MP3 files and much more! Just imagine, how easier now is to listen to texts rather than read them.

tts text to speech free text to speech text to speech voice text to speech program microsoft tts free tts engines speech to text sapi text reader natural voices text to mp3 msagent

login king software

Login King Password Manager by Login King Incorporated

Login King Password Manager is the most effective weapon against Online Identity Theft. Featuring 1-Click Login (tm), Login King auto-login your password protected web accounts with a single click of the mouse, bypassing any spyware and keyloggers. It also fills your registration or checkout forms from multiple personal profiles, provides Strong Password Generator, encrypts password-protected info using AES256.

login king password manager anti-spyware privacy spyware protection keylogger anti-keylogger safety security form filler fill forms automatically save passwords memorize passwords replace gator account logon login single sign-on sso

outlook software

SpamAid by SoftLogica LLC

SpamAid is an easy-to-use MS Outlook add-on to protect your Inbox against spam. The program is based on Bayesian filtering technology. It automatically learns using your personal correspondence to increase the filtration accuracy. Quarantined e-mails are stored in a separate SPAM folder. Users can manage their friends and enemies lists or build their own filters. POP3, IMAP, HTTP and MS Exchange support.

outlook spam filter anti-spam spamfilter bayesian blocker microsoft mail email junk unsolicited

day in history software

The Sands of Time by Ken Kirkpatrick Software

The Sands of Time, an easy-to-use Windows program that produces a suitable-for-framing keepsake memento that commemorates people's birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days. With just a few keystrokes, The Sands of Time prints a full-color listing of 25 events that happened throughout history on that day. With its huge database of 200+ events for every day of the year, you can produce unique printouts for employees or clients.

day in history sands of time timeline sands time prints full-color listing 25 events day history

security software

Digital Document Shredder by SafeIT Security

Digital Document Shredder is an product for permanently removing (shred) files and folders from your computer. The Windows Vista certified and awarded application allows you to completely remove selected information on your hard drive and other memories. Supports shredding of individual files, recycle bin, temporary files, unused disk space (free disk space) and Internet history. Very easy to install and use.

security delete e-mail e-mails email emails shredder shredding erase remove shred


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