Earthquake Software

earthquake software

QuakeSaver by MGShareware

QuakeSaver is Windows screensaver that displays recent earthquake locations on stunning world and regional maps. Produced in colors that match the earth's complex terrain, these maps display the impressive number of earthquakes that rock the planet!

earthquake screensaver screen saver

quake software

EQuake by F-Group Software

EQuake is a small funny utility for jokes with friends. After start all windows (or chosen) begin quake, as a real earthquake on your desktop began. Program can be hidden to prevent its stopping.

quake equake desktop desktop utilities funnies equake makes desktop life movable

seismograph software

SeisMac by Suitable Systems

SeisMac turns your Sudden Motion Sensor-equipped laptop into an educational three-axis seismograph. It shows a scrolling chart of the three axes of acceleration, reading up to five hundred samples per second.

seismograph vibration sudden motion sensor real-time acceleration education

treasure software

Treasure Boy by Shock Therapy productions

You are 'Treasure boy', searching for the lost treasure of the sultan of Oman. Over nine non-consecutive levels you must employ basic logic skills to find the buried treasure, while avoiding hazards like earthquakes, drowning and killer penguins.

treasure puzzle shock therapy productions logic

earth explorer software

Earth Explorer by Motherplanet, Inc

Earth Explorer integrates high resolution satellite imagery and several kinds of map information together to provide a total 3D view of our beautiful planet earth.

earth explorer satellite map 3d world map interactive map planet earth earth viewer earth view mother earth mother planet earth picture earth satellite view map middle earth middle earth earth map earth 3d satellite earth image

map software

GeoChart by VDS Technologies

GeoChart is an ActiveX component that lets you add color-coded business maps to your application. Features include dynamic clickable maps generation, export to .jpeg, .png and .bmp, thematic mapping, zoom and pan.

map mapping activex net component thematic gis vector asp com control ims map server add color-coded business maps application

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