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sql editor software

Database Gate by Stefano Grassi

Database Gate is SQL editor able to connect to every kind of database using ODBC with many tools.

sql editor odbc database tool dbms client server dsn sql editor able connect every kind database using odbc tools

cool software

CoolMenu Control by

Simple add icon or bitmap in your menubar. Quickly make OfficeXp look style. 5 hi-light border style:None,Solid,Dot,Upper,Sunken. 5 hi-light fill style:None,HGradual,VGradual,HGradualBack,VGradualBack. Cool Menu Editor in it.

cool coolmenu menu quickly make officexp look menu vb6

sound software

QUACK Sound Effects Studio by Morello Publishing Ltd

Create your own original sound effects with QUACK Sound Effects Studio. Simply use the visual editor to plug together standard components, such as oscillators, modulators and filters. Produces output in WAV format.

sound effects wav create original sound effects quack sound effects studio

meta tag software

TagPromoter by NetPromoter Lab

TagPromoter provides visual editor for all meta tags you need as well as PICS rating tags (both ICRA and RSAC standards).

meta tag promotion metatags meta tag tag meta visual editor meta tags need well pics rating tags

crossword software

PuzzleTrack by Morello Publishing Ltd

PuzzleTrack is an easy to use editor for creating wordsearch and crossword puzzles. You can create great looking puzzles, quickly and easily. Print or export your puzzles, or embed them in other documents.

crossword wordsearch puzzletrack easy way create wordsearch crossword puzzles

wysiwyg software

WysiPad 2 Browser Based HTML Editor by Alagad Inc.

Alagad WysiPad 2 HTML editor for browser-based WYSIWYG HTML authoring and editing. Simply embed WysiPad 2 wherever you need to provide access to HTML formatted content. The documentation and sample files make it easy to get up and running.

wysiwyg html editor utility browser based authoring editing text area textarea field online embed documentation programming language install instructions customizable developer restrict source cascading style

downloadable software

Diamonds1.5-self-extract.exe by Douglas Adams & Co

Diamonds...has sweet graphics...sound...45 levels...hi-score the ability to design your own game with the level editor!!! Level editor included

downloadable pc game diamond game downloadable game downloadable computer game diamonds sweet graphics sound 45 levels hi-score recorder plus

hex software

Genkisoft TurboHex by Genkisoft

Genkisoft TurboHex is an extremely fast and lightweight hex editor that combines raw power with an extremely easy to use interface. It is an essential tool for every programmer and power user.

hex editor viewer disk sector shareware free new tool programmer genkisoft turbohex lightweight powerful hex editor power users

file browser software

MultiView by Tekware

MultiView File Browser is a quick file copy and view utility for viewing all your drives and files with ease in one view.Also includes a html editor for creating web pages, a deep search file utility, and a favorite web link saver.

file browser html editor favorite weblink saver search utility 5 drive file browser search tools html editor

cdmenu software

CDMenu by Klaus Schwenk

Create a professional CD-ROM autoplay / autorun start menu using CDMenu. The Menu Editor makes creation of the menu window easy. Equally simple is the definition of all window menu and button attributes, including background, sound and text.

cdmenu cdmenu editor cdmenupro autostart autoplay autorun autorun-inf start menu cd cd rom cd rom laufwerk launcher menu designer program start dokument start avi video trailer avi video player sound player multimedia icon drive icon program icon

vbscript software

Admin Script Editor by iTripoli, Inc.

The Admin Script Editor is an editor designed specifically for Windows Administrators. It even provides the ability to create a secure EXE file from your script, which may include any required support files.

vbscript autoit vbs visual basic script admin kixtart kix logon script editor make exe

cd cover software

CD-Cover Editor by Thomas Heath

CD-Cover Editor is a powerful yet easy to use program that allows you to design and print jewel case inserts and covers for you CDs/DVDs. CD-Cover Editor is ideal for making covers and inserts for your own compilation CDs.

cd cover cd-cover cover software cover application cover program download software program application shareware free cd cover inserts editor jewel case print tracklist label labeler utility creator playlist image

programmer software

PrEditor by Thistle Software

A syntax colouring text editor for program languages, scripts, HTML, configuration files, and documentation. Built-in project support and comprehensive help. Comes with pre-defined definition files for the most popular programming languages.

programmer text editor c html java fully customisable syntax colouring programmers editor language

php software

SSEditor by Skyweb Software

SSEditor integrated the PHP/PERL script editing and executing environment in one simple user interface. Just need one step configuration, don't have to setup a complex web service in your computer, you can edit scripts and view there results easily.

php perl editor edit ide builder html asp sseditor powerful easy tool composing php perl script

images software

CoffeeCup Free Icon Studio by CoffeeCup Software, Inc.

Want to change the dull icons on your desktop? Or maybe you are a developer that needs a better icon editor that comes with your development tools? Icon studio can help you create icons for multiple sizes and color depths.

images gif jpg free bmp viewer ftp email zip photo camera album picture organize tool find extract edit import export icons


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