Electricians Software

electra software

Electra by Alawar Entertainment

Everybody wants to be a superhero: but some of us have to be electricians. Your mission in this electrical puzzle is to light the evening city. Quickly attach together a contact out of numerous wire pieces and get a faerie electrical discharge.

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hangman software

A2Z Hangman by A2ZWare

This is a version of the classic hangman game which is designed to help grade school age children improve their vocabulary and spelling. It is appropriate for use in a classroom or at home.

hangman spelling vocabulary educational esl educational hangman game designed help children spelling vocabulary

timer software

CFB Timer by CFB Software

CFB Timer is a no-nonsense countdown alarm suitable for timing a few seconds up to 99 minutes. It is designed to be as quick and simple to operate as possible and works even if your Palm is switched off or reset.

timer clock alarm minutes seconds free countdown no-nonsense countdown alarm suitable timing few seconds 99 minutes

savegame software

Power Spike - Baldur's Gate 2 SoA by ZeroMassEngine

Baldur's Gate 2 SoA Character Trainer. Power Spike is a quick and dirty editor that's fairly straight forward to use.

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