Ema Software

automail software

AutoMail by ZeroMassEngine

utoMail is an application that allows your computer to read the messages from your various POP3 accounts and respond to the senders with a message that you set in advance.

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smtp software

SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Fortran by MarshallSoft Computing

SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Fortran Email from your Fortran application. Simple API allows sending and receiving email, including HTML and MIME attachments. Knowledge of Winsock and TCP/IP is not needed. Includes multiple Fortran examples.

smtp pop3 email winsock component library absoft fortran dec cvf smtp pop3 email engine fortran

birthday tracker software

PeopleTracker by Sunfleck Software

PeopleTracker is our personal information management software designed for all your scheduling, calendar, and address book needs. With PeopleTracker, you will never forget that important birthday again!

birthday tracker personal calendar appointment scheduler address book birthday reminder phone book software personal address book task scheduler birthday calendar anniversary reminder personal information manager

password software

Amiasoft Password by Amiasoft Corporation

A tool to help ease your web-based existence! Not spyware - not adware! Just a great tool for the price! A few features include multi-user, Drag/drop, Passwords, Usernames, URL launch capability, random password creation and password protection.

password storage database security privacy full featured password program drag drop operation enhanced security

spanish software

European Mail Component by Chilkat Software, Inc.

M-Western is an ActiveX component for sending European email from ASP Web sites and Microsoft Windows applications. It works as an ActiveX object but also exposes DLL functions directly. It includes an EXE for CGI operation via XMLHTTP.

spanish portuguese french german email mail pop3 smtp european mail component asp microsoft windows applications

tweaker software

CDN WinTool (Home Edition) by TLP-Kalletal

The CDN WinTool allows the fitting of many important Windows settings which would be modifiable, otherwise, only complex about the Registry. Many of these options make your everyday work with the system quicker, lighter, more sure.

tweaker systemtool better filespitter optimize faster split passwort cdn wintool allows fitting lot important windows setting

spam software

(STEVEN) by Software Development Pty Ltd

(STEVEN) The new way to eliminate spam with a newly designed self validation system that puts spam in its place and doesn't rely on key lists.

spam web email advanced blocking validating self fast net steven spam solution works

protect software

Secure Image 2.1 by ArtistScope

Copy protect the images on your web site using image encryption and domain lock. Safe from mouse copying, saving and spider grab programs (site downloaders). Only the encrypted images are uploaded, so the images are safe from even the webmaster.

protect image pics photo encrypt safe secure copy capture print screen copy protect images internet site using image encryption domain lock

news software

Financial Headline Viewer by Webadviso

Developed for viewing and auto updating Financial News Headlines. The design is better than most major vendors that cost high monthly fees (Bloomberg, ILX and others).

news headline viewer feed invest stocks market inplay reader developed viewing auto updating financial news headlines

.net software

EasyQuery.NET (WinForms) by Korzh.com

EasyQuery.NET is an unique set of .NET classes, components and controls that provides an ability to include end-user-oriented query builder into your Windows Forms application and allows your users to describe their requests in natural language.

.net ad-hoc query query builder sql query builder user-friendly visual query builder searching filtration interface


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